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Our Bespoke Bureau housekeepers are very  experienced, dedicated and child friendly. Furthermore our housemaids and housekeepers have a wealth of experience in caring for large affluent  homes. Housekeepers that we have on our books are more than capable of taking  charge of the household laundry and ironing to an immaculate standard. Our housekeepers  are also keen cooks and they are very happy to cook an evening meal or hot  breakfast for the family.

House Manager

Naturally, a house manager is always impeccably dressed  as suits the occasion. As a house manager in a stately home, you should carry  items around the house on a small silver tray and walk at a sedate pace. On the  other hand, a fast moving employer won`t appreciate his house manager to be at  a pace that would appeal to a turtle. A house manager should be aware that each  house and employer will be different in its needs.

Domestic Staff

As a leading domestic staff agency we specialise in supplying professional domestic couples for county estates in the UK, France and Spain. Our domestic staff agency provides candidates that are capable of managing sophisticated homes. An excellent knowledge of housekeeping, arranging flowers, clothes and pressing can be expected from domestic staff placed through our domestic staff agency.

Household Staff

Household Staff have many titles, roles, and functions within the employer’s home. They include every task from washing dishes to coordinating the purchase, remodel, and decoration of multiple, international properties. In larger homes there usually exists a greater need for structured management in addition to the usual household staff. These are situations where owners are no longer capable of overseeing the household staff or simply have chosen to pay someone else to take on the responsibility. It is at the management or expert level where lengthy experience is invaluable, and proper household staffing can determine the overall comfort level of the owners.

Domestic Couples

Domestic couples jobs  consist of making sure that the house is well presented and everything is working (sheets, beds, laundry, bulbs, lamps, heaters, electrical, etc..), cleaning the estate or chateau, also making sure to solicit and supervise expert help (like plumbing, electrical, etc..) if needed. Other parts of  domestic couples jobs would be to care, cook and look after the owners. There could be other small misc jobs like painting, planting, or easy fixings both indoors and outdoors.

Private Chefs

Private Chefs are responsible for all of the meal preparation and stocking of the kitchen including the ordering of the groceries. Private Chefs are knowledgeable of different types of menus and the ability to accommodate special dietary needs is essential. Private Chefs are responsible for the organization and operation of the kitchen and the presentation and serving of the food. They may be required to assist with or oversee special functions or events. Private Chefs usually works among other household staff.

Butler Services

Experience the ultimate Butler Service. Our Butlers love their job and it brings great joy to them serving all kinds of people. Butler For You provides butler consultancy services for high profile clients and corporations in the USA, Middle East, Asia and Europe.                                  With our extensive database of qualified Butlers we will make sure to find the right match for you.

Hire a Butler

When you hire a Butler his tasks can include arranging dinner parties, looking after your yacht, making travel arrangements, maintaining the household budget, looking after visitors, doing the laundry, getting the kids off to school, tending the garden, and directing other workers in the household. Could you hire a  butler or simply a personal assistant? Determine this in advance to find the appropriate person for the job and your budget.

Butler London

Advice from a London Butler: Discretion is the Butlers golden rule, and London Butler Jim says staying mum is crucial to job success. “Good secrets. Bad secrets. Exciting secrets. Many secrets. They’re all locked away in my little mind”.

Butler Placement

Our Butler Placement Service is here to assist and help you find a Butler for your family. With Our consultancy service we offer a worldwide Butler placement in private homes and for corporations. Our goal is to ensure your happiness and satisfaction with the Butler you have chosen.

To find a housekeeper or a Butler please call +442031670925 or email us on main@bespokebureau.com or www.bespokebureau.com



More info about Bespoke Bureau and the British Butler Academy:

Based in the prestigious heart of London (Guildhall in the city) for the past 11 years and now a franchise, we pride ourselves to be considered “The World‘s and The UK’s Best Household Staffing Agency” amongst staff agencies Bespoke Bureau specialises in the recruitment of household staff internationally including House/Estate ManagersButlersHousekeepersChefsNannies, Gardeners etc for palaces, mansions, estates, prestigious houses and yachts all over the world. We provide high calibre staff – professional, multi-functional, discreet and flexible. Over the years we have built a strong relationship with domestic staff candidates and private NHW and other clients alike which has led to new opportunities that enable us to provide a more comprehensive service with our clients’ needs in mind.

For assistance and advice on all the services we offer, please contact us and we will be delighted to help you. We are a leading domestic staff agency in London due to our dedication to providing our clients with dependable, thorough and professional household staff. We have built up an enviable reputation across London and can provide tailored household staff services to suit our clients’ private household staff requirements. We only hire experienced domestic staff who can deliver the high standards required from our private employers. Our household staff agency will undertake a rigorous domestic staff recruitment process, as we carefully check their household employment history and references, as well as interviewing each candidate at great length to ensure they have the right professional attitude and personality to work in the domestic staff service in the UK and overseas.

All our domestic staff on our domestic agency’s database understand the importance of hard work and discretion, and are 100% committed to delivering an outstanding household work service on a daily basis. As a leading household staff agency, we will work alongside you to ensure that all your needs are met. We can provide an array of domestic staff to suit your household, including:

  • House Managers or Estate Managers
  • Butlers for private homes or hotels
  • Housekeepers, Head Housekeepers or Junior Housekeepers
  • Gardeners and Handymen
  • Nannies, tutors, au-pairs and Mother’s Helps
  • Personal Assistants
  • Valets
  • Chauffeurs and Private Drivers
  • Private Chefs and Cooks
  • Laundry Maids and ladies maids
  • And more domestic staff

More info on: http://www.bespokebureau.com/ Many of our domestic staff employees can combine a number of the domestic staff roles upon request, but this will depend on the hours of employment required. As well as being a leading domestic agency in London, we can also provide domestic staff services across the UK and abroad/overseas. For more information on our household staff agency and candidates, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Sara Vestin Rahmani Director Bespoke Bureau, Peek-a-boo and Cupcakes Blackwell House | Guildhall Yard Bank | London | EC2V 5AE Bespoke: +44 (0) 2031670925 Peek-a-boo: +44 (0) 2031670926 www.bespokebureau.com www.peekaboochildcare.com Bespoke and Peekaboo in recent News: Our new Exciting Yacht academy (Reuters News release film) Russias main news station visits the residential Butler school The Bespoke Bureau Butler school Reuters visit (6 mins news) The Guardian does 5 pages on The Yacht Academy The world news org reports on Bespoke Butlers Time out Dubai interviews Vestin on Butler trends TVH11-The return of the Butler CNN reports on Bespoke Bureau-From Jeeves to Jiang Evening standard recommend Bespoke’s Butlers Arabian Business meets with Vestin at the Yacht Academy 6 page story on Bespoke Butlers in the Jazeera Magazine by Sakhr Al-Makhadhi The Global Post interviews Sara Vestin on Butlers Washington DC and Chinese CCTV’s Richard Bestik visits Peek-a-boo Great British post on Butlers in China with Bespoke Tokyo TV News on Bespoke Bureau Channel 4’s Brunch gets a visit from our Head Butler CBS This morning reports on Bespoke Bureau Paris Match Magazine speaks to Peek-a-boo Swedish Dagens industri and PS tells about our success Hotelier Middle East reports on Bespoke Bureau The times report on the Modern Butler Al Arabia News on our Nannies and Butlers Arabian Business News reports on our Mid East Demand Australia’s courier mail on Bespoke Bureau The Daily Telegraph in Australia on Sara Vestin and Bespoke  News.com in Australia reports on London’s Finest academy  Adelaide Now reports on Butler Trends Australian News talks to The bespoke Bureau Daily Mail reports on Bespoke Bureau Metro London on Bespoke Bureau Reuters TV pays a visit to our London Academy New York based Alex Burton talks to Sara Russian TVC news channel reports on the Butler School CCTV in China visits the school Spanish Elmundo reports on Bespoke The Economist Oct 2012 Sky news Oct 2012 Independent Oct 2012 Bloomberg TV Jan 2012 BBC Breakfast Mar 2012 Butler trends in China China’s demand from Bespoke Bureau British Butlers on the rise Sweden reports on their Native Sara and Bespoke Women’s everything interviews Sara on her businesses The Telegraph-Chinese  Nannies in the rise

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