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The Bespoke Bureau London British Butler Academy  is a unique and exclusive house management school. We are proud to be the finest Private Butler and Housekeeper Service training institute in the world. We are equally proud that some of the world’s wealthiest families and businesses, as well as five-star hotels and resorts, turn to us for staff training and recruitment.

Our mission statement

Our mission is to promote the butlin, housekeeper and the private service profession by training dedicated individuals in becoming professionals in the art of butling and house management.  The International Butler Academy provides its graduates with the best possible qualifications for entering the private service profession. We offer you superb training, enabling you an introduction into a career which should last a lifetime. Our graduates can be employed by domestic staff or 5 star employers anywhere in the world.

  What does it mean to join The Bespoke Bureau, British Butler Academy?

The Butler Academy’s graduates are synonymous with pride and professionalism. At The British Butler Academy you will learn to keep up with the demands of running a modern and busy household, with confidence, grace and style.  Our  Butler and Housekeeping courses will provide you with all the skills and qualifications you need to get you started in this exciting profession. Our professional Butler teaching standards and outstanding, highly experienced and professional instructors make The British Butler Academy the pinnacle of all house management training.

What is required to join The British Butler Academy?

Except for a working knowledge of English, no previous training or experience is required.   Gender and age are not important either.  What is very important however, is having a service oriented attitude and the right personality. 

A true and real household

The personalities, challenges and situations we created for our students are to simulate, and give you the experience of a real household.  Rather than lecturing you and then testing your understanding with narrowly focused question sheets, the idea is to set you a large, complex puzzle.  This puzzle is modeled on a real household as closely as possible.  As you grapple with the puzzle, you are forced to learn the subject matter of our butler training course. This is why 95% of our students graduate successfully and 85% end up in rewarding positions, somewhere in the world.

Clients wishing to employ a butler or other private staff

The British Butler Academy will be pleased to assist employers with their recruiting needs.  We have developed a very straightforward selection process for the employee and employer to ensure a successful household staff placement.  We will find you your perfect staff member and consult in your domestic needs in a professional way.  Please review the domestic staff placement agency page and let us know your wishes and requirements.

Join The International Butler cademy

Apply now and assure yourself a place in our institution.  Our students come from all over the world and our graduates form a large and important network.  By joining The British Butler Academy you will become qualified and trained to the highest standard.

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