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What salary can I earn on a Super Yacht?
As a junior steward/ess you can earn from Euros €1500+ per month rising to €5000+ per month for a chief steward/ess position. If you work on board a charter or chartered yacht you can also expect to earn roughly €400-€1600 per week of charter in tips – that is on top of your salary! Also, you will not have to pay any living expenses. Not bad huh?

So how do I get a job onboard a Yacht?

Well, you need to have previous experience or you will need to come to our 5 day Yacht training school. If you do a good job, we can always immediately start you in a job.

Call us on the Yacht interior training courses in the UK or Nice/Antibes in France now. +442031670925 or email sara@bespokebureau.com for more info

Alternatively visit http://www.bespokebureau.com