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Dear Readers and Butlers, we have received numerous emails of applicants who are interested in the British Butler Training curriculum. Please do have a look at what we cover and what we offer to our Butlers at the British Butler Academy.

The  VIP residential / resort / hotel  market in today’s climate, Butlers and House Managers must understand the needs and wants of each staff member and the demands of the principle. The Butler Academy students receives training in how to correctly execute each household job skill and understand how to manage the staff correctly.  Our excellent curriculum is one to be extremely proudly of as each Butler student who undergoes elite Butler Training will take each lesson with him / her for life.  We have given you an idea of what we cover during the 2 week course. A similar curriculum is tailor made for our short intense Butler courses in London, the Butler training we offer in China and other countries.

1) The Role of the Butler

2) Household Management

3) Table Management – The True Art of Service

4) Housekeeping and Laundry Management ( done by Miele and Linen Drawer )

5) Appliances ( Hirch`s  and Uni Leaver)

6) Home Automation and High Tech Training  – email, power point, word , letter heads, butlers office and butlers pantry

7) Jet and Yacht Butler – Life at sea for a Butler and vice versa, Life in the air for a Butler – Silver Service and management

8) Etiquette and Protocol – Role Play – How, What and Where ( Roles and Values )

9) Hotel / Resort Butler  ( knocking and entering / SOP`s and dealing with VIP Guests )

10) Cooking Skills – Breakfasts, Luncheons, Dinner Parties – all practical.




A Butler must be able to do the following:

  •  How to run the Butler’s office
  • How to keep household accounts
  • Answering the door to visitors
  • How to acquire the perfect telephone manner
  • The butler book
  • How to use the pantry book  (Some Butlers are now using computers)
  • The guest & menu book ( visitors book )
  • How to be discreet, loyal and dedicated
  • How to behave with your employers
  • How to keep up your professional standards and the importance of your appearance
  • The importance of your own behavior off duty
  • Housekeeping
  • The housekeeper’s role
  • The care of clothes and preparing clothes daily
  • Household cleaning techniques and the type of materials to be used
  • Understanding the care and cleaning of antiques and other valuable items
  • Discussing cleaning silver
  • Laying a table for luncheon
  • Laying a table for dinner
  • How to serve a luncheon and a dinner
  • How to give silver service
  • How to prepare a meal in twenty minutes
  • Serving cheese
  • Serving fresh fruit
  • How to deal with special diets
  • How to prepare English afternoon tea and how to serve it
  • Passing the Port and British tradition
  • The correct time to serve liqueurs and cognac
  • The understanding and care of cigars
  • How to deal with a drunk guest at the dinner table and in the house
  • The type of store and shop you should use
  • How to get the best possible value when purchasing items for the house
  • Purchasing all types of food and wine
  • Purchasing clothes for your employer
  • How to purchase handmade shoes and other footwear for your employer
  • How to purchase hand-made shirts for your employer
  • Inspecting your staff
  • The art of getting on with everyone, from the youngest member of staff to the most important guest of honour
  • How to treat staff
  • How to hire staff
  • The interview procedure for positions
  • How to dismiss staff
  • Work closely with the chef or cook-housekeeper
  • Working with the Concierge of a first-class hotel
  • Run an efficient kitchen
  • How to serve breakfast
  • How to serve an early morning drink
  • The importance of matching up food and wine
  • The importance of hygiene and the causes of food poisoning
  • Balancing of menus
  • Champagne and the food that goes with it
  • How to address people with or without titles
  • Serving visitors with light refreshments
  • Making guests feel welcome / How to deal with important guests
  • How to deal with greedy guests
  • How to deal with prying guests
  • How to deal with unwanted unexpected guests
  • Your duties when traveling with your employers
  • Flexibility regarding to your working hours
  • Packing suitcases
  • Booking air fares
  • Booking hotels
  • Booking restaurants
  • Check-lists for all occasions
  • How to organise a dinner
  • Table plans
  • Table index
  • Place cards
  • Setting up bars for parties
  • How to organise a picnic and shoot
  • How to organise parties and have no waste whatsoever
  • How to organise parties using outdoor caterers
  • How to organise a barbecue and a champagne party plus a cocktail party
  • How to organise a party using your own and agency staff
  • How to arrange a band and cabaret
  • Hiring agency staff
  • Preparing a theatre dinner party
  • Understanding the type of restaurant your employer wishes to dine in
  • Preparing for Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day
  • How to organise Christmas Day and Thanks giving Day
  • The security of the house, fire and accident safety precautions
  • How to be the perfect chauffeur
  • How to make an inventory for insurance purposes
  • How to check contractors’ work
  • Organising a move to a new house

    To request in house Butler training for your home, Hotel or want to come to us and training, please contact the office on sara@bespokebureau.com

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