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Domestic Staffing Services ~ Call: 00442031670925

Our Guarantee
What sets us apart from all other domestic staffing agencies is our full 12 MONTH REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE!

If the staff you hire through Bespoke Bureaue Domestic resigns or is terminated for just cause, bespoke BureauDomestic will replace the position with no additional agency fees for 12 months from the original date of hire. Unheard of in this industry

We Understand
We realize how difficult it can be to find the perfect long-term staff for your home or office. The needs of your family are very personal to us. Consequently, all of our applicants are subject to a rigorous interview process. It is through this strict process that we may confidently recommend a staff member that is best suited to your needs. Ensuring the happiness, stability, and well-being of your home is our primary goal.

Agency Fee
Bespoke Bureau Domestic agency fees for full-time placements are equal to 20% of the gross annual compensation of the placed employee. Domestic couples, estate/house managers, and all overseas staff placements require a placement fee of fifteen to twenty percent of the gross annual compensation, depending on the position.

The minimum staffing fee for temporary placements is £200  (please contact us for specifics on temporary staffing fees).