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Generally the highest salaries are paid to household staff who offer very special skills, hold specific qualifications, speak more than two languages, tender excellent previous experience and references, and are happy to work incredibly long and unsocial hours. It is also worth mentioning that some of the highest salaries are paid to household staff who have shown incredible loyalty to their employer over many years.

So when you decide to find yourself a new job don’t be short-sighted; before you decide what your new employer should be paying you, think carefully about what you can offer your employer! Don’t fixate on the salary offered – consider the location, the perks and the privileges, combined with the long-term possibilities and the employer’s reputation, and then you might come to realize that whilst the job doesn’t pay a King’s Ransom, it is in fact a truly ‘dream’ domestic position in the perfect private household

Using data from our domestic staff surveys as well as our own experience, this is our staff salary guide. Please note.  The first figure should be considered as a starting salary for someone new to the profession (but trained) the second figure for someone with 2+ years of on-the-job experience or for greater responsibility/duties/or staff management:

Head Butler (multiple residences)
£80-100k per annum 

Good Butler (and overseas Butler) salary
£60-80k  per annum gross

“Normal” Butler salary
£35-50k  per annum gross

Housemanager salary
£40-£60k per annum gross

Valet/Under Butler/Footman salary
£25-30k per annum gross

 Estate Manager salary
£55-80k per annum gross

Estate Manager salary (multiple properties)
£70-120k per annum gross

Domestic Couple salary (management)
£55-100 per annum gross 

Domestic Couple salary (Houseman/Cook)
£50-80k per annum gross 

Domestic Couple salary (caretaking)
£35-45k per annum gross 
£750net per week+

Private Cook/Private Chef Salaries can range from £20-£100k per annum-very much depends on your role and where you are. There are many different types of Chef. Click here to view the chef hierachy

Private Chef salary (one man operation)
£35-80k per annum gross  

Private Chef salary (oversees small brigade)
£55-100k per annum gross  

Housekeeper salary
£20-26k per annum gross

Personal Assistant/Personal PA (office duties)
£30-50k per annum gross

Personal Secretary / General Factotum
£25-40k per annum gross