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Certified Administrative Household Manager/ Personal Assistant/Estate Manager qualification

2 Week House management Residential Course Description

Bespoke Bureau was the first to develop this particular program offering. We are now in our 6th year of teaching this program to students, in which they are required to expand upon their current abilities in utilizing the Bespoke Bureau system to provide World Class Service to develop a higher standard of administration, supervision, and high-level management of a wealthy estate. To allow them to take their career to the next level, the intensive program requires computer proficiency and the level of commitment and determination necessary for success as an administrative manager. Responsibilities may include caring for multiple homes while providing continuity between properties, staff management, conservation practices, supervising renovations, and offering wealthy and powerful families a higher level of sophistication in purchasing. Personal computer required for this course.

 Household Manager classroom course training

  •    Topics Include:
  •     Personal Dynamics
  •     Advanced Family and Home Safety & Security
  •     Social Correspondence & Communication Skill
  •     National & International Travel, Reservations & Itineraries
  •     Advanced Etiquette & International Protocol
  •     Special Family Affairs, Issues & Concerns
  •     Advanced Course – Entertaining With Style

Managing a 21st Century Home: This course teaches what it really takes to be successful in high-level household management of the estates of the wealthy and powerful! It includes how to manage records, conduct financial tasks, purchase personal and major items, legal issues, arranging travel, etc.

Housekeeper taking care of a home

Topics Include:

    Successful training of House Management Techniques

  •     Household Employee Book
  •     Setting Up a Household
  •     Setting Up a Home Office & Home Reference Library
  •     Creating a DVD Reference Library
  •     Maintaining Household Files
  •     Check Writing, Payables & Financial Records
  •     Purchasing for a Wealthy Family & Household
  •     Private Yachts & Jets
  •     Creating a Home Massage & Spa Area
  •     Creating a Home Beauty & Barber Shop
  •     Contracts & Negotiations
  •     Inventory
  •     Legal Issues & Insurance
  •     Managing Multiple Homes
  •     Where money is no object in Entertaining
  •     Event Planning
  •     Wine & Champagne Service and much much more

Main Office

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    Near Bank
    City of London
    EC2V 5AE
    EnglandMain phone:  +44 (0) 2031670925
    Main email: main@bespokebureau.com

    Opening hours:
    Monday – Friday 9am – 5pmAsk for the person you are meeting at the reception but only after agreed appointment or we will not allow you access.Please do not show up un-announced as we are often busy and we would like to offer all clients and candidates you a peaceful meeting with us

Venue-Residential Course

Our 2 week residential training courses in the countryside are held in Morley Old Hall
Our Stately home for the British Butler training.
“Morley Old Hall” provides both the venue for the training and accommodation for the participants.

Morley Old Hall History
is well documented in a number of reference books including Pam Boys’ “Beautiful Homes of Britain”, Pevsner’s “Buildings of England” and Burke’s “Guide to Country Houses”.

The house dates from the late 16th Century and was built by the Sedley Family who acquired the manor in 1545 and owned it until around 1790. The Hall is enclosed by an Anglo Saxon moat which was probably dug 700 years ago to make the walls for an earlier dwelling.
Ownership since 1790 has included Field Marshall The First Lord Ironside, who was Chief of the Imperial General Staff in May 1940 and Commander-in-Chief of Home Forces during the Second World War.
Other owners include Mrs Janet Shand Kydd, first wife of Peter Shand Kydd and stepfather of Diana, Princess of Wales. It is now leased by our owner Sara Vestin Rahmani at times and used partly by the Bespoke British Butler Academy