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How to Become a Professional Estate Manager by training with the Bespoke Bureau

This is intended for those professionals who want to enter the household service industry at the highest level. It lays out the prerequisites for becoming an Estate Manager to the very rich , what it takes to run the estates of the affluent including all the techniques necessary for managing the estate staff, organizing all aspects of the employer’s estate, managing multiple estates, etc. This course is a well-developed formula that provides the essentials for success in this field.

Module 1
What is an Estate Manager
The Estate Manager’s Function
Working With Contractors
Handling Guests and Events
Creation of Various Forms and Directories
Hiring and Firing
Estate Manager Profiles

Module 2
Education and Credentials
Home Management
Business and Property Management
Essentials of Real Property Law
Real Estate Practice

Module 3
Property Management
Financial Management of Properties
Private Property Maintenance
The Grounds
Home Security

Module 4
Hiring Contractors
Planning the Project
Workers’ Compensation And Liability Insurance
The Contract
Preventing Design Problems
Scheduling the Work
Building Permits
Legal Considerations: Liens
Swimming Pools
Protecting Your Employer

Module 5
Automobiles, Yachts, and Planes
California Automobile Registration
California Boat Registration
The New York Department of Motor Vehicles
Automobile Maintenance
Yacht Management Companies
Yacht Operations
Yacht Management/Europe
Yacht Management/United States
Plane Travel Options
Jet Aviation: All Options
Fractional Ownership: The Marquis Private Jet Card
Fractional Ownership: Netjets
Charter: Blue Star Jets
Executive Jet Management
A Popular Executive Privately Owned Plane
Hiring an Independent Pilot Full Time

Module 6
Time Management
The Estate Manager’s Staff Requirements
Daily Time Management
Work Place Organization
The House Directory
Prototype Of A House Directory

Module 7
Staff Supervision
The House Manager
The Butler
The Housekeeper
The Personal Assistant
Dismissing A Staff Member
Training Staff Members
Organizing: Schedules and Charts
Resources for Your House Managers and Staff Members
Online Grocery Shopping

Module 8
Hiring Staff
Hiring Without Using An Agency
Preliminary Interviews
What Are Confidentiality Agreements?
The Formal Interview
Checking References
Background Investigations
Hiring Staff Through an Agency
State Laws Regarding References
Potential Sources of Liability
Medical Examinations
Before Interviewing A Candidate
After Choosing A Candidate

Module 9
At Your Desk
Travel Agencies
Notary Public and Power of Attorney
Living Wills
Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care
Signature by Mark
Power of Attorney
Durable Power Of Attorney
Writing Business Letters
Household Accounting
Accounting Programs
Cell Phones
Courier Packages
Payroll and Taxes
Forms to Request and Agencies
Streamline Everyday Tasks

Module 10
Guests and Entertaining
Guest Directory
Amenities That Guests May Request…
Guest Houses
Housekeeping Services for Guests
After Guests’ Departure
Event Planning
Finding the Right Caterers
Corporate Event Planners
Entertainment Handbook
Written Invitation Tips
Pairing of Wine with Food: Basic Concepts
Formal Table Settings, Service
Different Service Styles
Silver flatware, china, crystal: Sources
Table Linens: Sources


Course dates

Butler & Housekeeper training Module 1, 2, 3 and 4 (intense course)

1st/2nd June 2013 (2 day course)

8th July-21st July 2013 (2 week course)

31 August/1st September 2013

26th/27th October 2013

Price per module £500 plus VAT

Price weekend: £800 plus VAT

Butler & House management training (2 weeks)

8th July 2013 for 2 weeks (intense course in our stately home in Norfolk) £3000 plus VAT (can be paid in installments) Live in or live out (Shared cottages available on site)

For other dates, tailor made courses, discounts or to book, please email main@bespokebureau.com or call  +44 (0) 2031670925