2 week residential Butler course in The UK

Bespoke Bureau’s Butler Academy runs 14 day (2 weeks) intense Butler & House/Estate management residential courses.

Preparations are always underway for the next Residential Butler Training Course to be held in our stately home, just over an hour outside of London in Norfolk. The next UK residential Butler course dates are: 8th July 2013 for 14 days. Morley Hall is a privately owned beautiful Estate in Norfolk where we run our Butler residential courses in the UK

The Residential Butler and Housemanagement course is intense, challenging, thorough but fun!  Learn the skills of a contemporary butler and the tools to work as an effective team member as you study alongside your fellow students in individual and group activities.  Living, cooking and learning together, professional friendships will be forged that last a lifetime.

Usually these courses are open for the public once every other month and we also run residential tailor made Butler and service courses at our premises for other companies and hotels in China as well as other emerging markets.

When on the Residential Butler and House Management course, you will be taught what it is like working as a Butler and House Manager on an estate. We teach topics such as Etiquette, Valeting, Silver Service, Butler service, Care of Antiques, Care of Fine Clothes, Presentation and Packing, satff management, communication skills, cultural differences amongst many other subjects. Part of the training is also a finishing school module which is very popular.

Upon successful completion of the Residential Butler and House management course you will be awarded with a Certificate for each successfully completed Butler module in addition to a final Butler certificate detailing that you have completed the full course. A qualification from Bespoke Bureau’s prestigious Butler Academy is sure to propel you in your current career and put you ahead of others in your profession.

Our previous Residential Butler Course students have a very high success rate in finding Butler and House management employment upon successful completion of the course and those that were already in employment have reported a marked increase in their wage


The Butler and Housekeeper course is split into various modules which consist of (but is not exclusive to:)

– The Role of the Butler, Housekeeper and House Manager
– Greeting Guests
– General House Etiquette
– Personal Hygiene and Dress Code
– Employer Expectations/ Professionalism
– Cultural Difference and Communication
– House Rules
– House Security/Alarms
– Shopping and Deliveries
– Tools and Supplies
– Stock Keeping and Inventory
– Keeping a Log Book
– Time Management
– Budgets
– Hiring staff, the Agency Role, Contracts
– Staff Rota, Managing and Training of Staff
– Reporting to the Lady/Gentleman of the House
– Computer/Blackberry/Outlook- Protection and Passwords
– Daily and Weekly Tasks
– Time Management and Prioritising Work
– Rotas
– The Cost of Fine Garments
– Drying Techniques
– Fabric Care
– Antiques and Fine Art
– Making Beds and Changing Sheets
– Turndown Service
– Polishing Furniture
– The Different Types of Flooring
– Dusting
– Vacuuming and Sweeping
– Cleaning the Bathroom
– Wardrobe Management
– Folding and Sorting Clothes
– Hand Washing Clothes
– Washing Silk
– Role of the valet and ladies maid
– Keeping in the Loop
– Presenting Clothes
– Planning the Day/Week
– Preparing for Travel
– How to Protect Clothes
– Packing a Suitcase
– Packing for a Guest
– Being a Professional
– Being Discreet
– Booking Travel and Restaurants
– Shopping for Clothes
– Buying and Subscribing to Newspapers
– Keeping an Eye Out
– Shoe Polish and Care
– PA/Concierge Work
– The Importance of Keeping up Appearances
– Understanding the Employer’s Wishes
– The Importance of Hygiene
– Food Hygiene
– Dealing with Guest Requests
– Dealing with a Difficult Client
– Dealing with a difficult Situation
– Setting a Table
– Table Presentation (Mise en Place)
– Flower Arrangement
– Keeping Glasses, Cutlery and Plates Polished
– Guest Arrival Etiquette
– Cloakroom Management
– Canapé Service Etiquette
– Serving Wine
– Serving Champagne
– Calling for Dinner
– Silver Service (English Service)
– Butler Service (French Service)
– Russian Service
– The Difference Between the Different Types of Service
– Keeping the Table and Cloth Clean
– Serving Coffee
– Guest Departure Etiquette

The cost for you as an individual would be £3000+VAT so £3600 plus a £50 per night (sometimes less) which includes the accommodation in a very nice cottage at the premises.

We are able to place most student in a good role after the course but cannot promise that we will do. It will be down to you how engaged you are with the trainer, the modules and the other students.

We run this particular course in a stately large home in Norfolk (about 1 hour from London)

Welcome to come and meet with us and discuss the course beforehand.

Due to all the TV and Media coverage we have received over the years and the popularity of the famous courses, we suggest you book your slot early not to miss out.

Please note the below points that are important:

  • The cost is £3000+VAT
  • The accomodation is subsidised by us and costs £35 per night per person in a shared cottage. You can stay in the local village too if you prefer.
  • We need a deposit asap to secure your space (50% at least)
  • Please wear smart clothes or if you prefer a suit. Part of the training you will need to wear our T shirts or shirt (we have all sizes and will provide you with ones that fit)
  • You will need to bring a pen and notepad with you
  • We always have  journalists from TV or the Media with us and you don’t need to participate on pictures or filming but its great if you do and will of course raise your profile in this industry.
  • You will receive your certificate at the end of the course. You can also get references from Sara (the well known director) and/or the head trainer.
  • Snacks and drinks are provided daily but if you have specific dietary requirements, please bring your own. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner you pay for
  • The last day we have a cocktail/canape and garden party
  • Sunday you check out and leave

We look forward to having you on tour world famous residential Butler and House management course. Thank you!

Who trains with us on our 2 week intense residential Butler course

  • Five-star hotels and resorts turn to us for staff training, consultancy and recruitment and send theor staff to our residential courses.
  • Butlers, Housemanagers, Estate Managers, Housekeepers, Hotel staff, Former PAs, Service minded people wishing to become butlers
  • Normal people with a service mind who wish to become qualified Butlers
  • Anyone in the service industry who wishes to excel and become one of the best Butlers in the world

For more information on the British Butler training course, please contact one of the Bespoke team on +442031670925 or

If you are interested in enrolling, you need to be quick. Please call or email with any queries or just to find out what the course is all about.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained and there is no such thing as a ‘silly question’.

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