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VIP Cabin Service & Silver Service Training in London runs every month all year. Also residential house management and Butler courses in London, Norfolk and Antibes in France.

Yacht crew training

We run Yacht interior courses in service, silver service and VIP cabin and yacht service training for cabin and super yacht crew. bespoke Bureau Training is a tailor made 2, 5 and 14 day training program for all yacht or cabin crew  members working on private jets and super yachts. The courses are broadly divided into two parts. The first part focused on customer service skills specific to VIP clients. The second part of the course covered Cabin and yacht as well as In Flight Services topics such as different methods of service delivery, Silver Service, Cabin Grooming, Wines & Beverages, Plating of Food, Awareness on International Cuisine and various other subjects specifically designed for the cabin crew. Bespoke Bureau and Abacus March Training courses offer bespoke silver service and other service courses for VIP clients, airlines, private jet companies and super yachts. The subjects to choose from are varied and any specific areas for development are incorporated into the program by the training development team at Bespoke Bureau and Abacus March. For further information on how we can help and also on our yacht interior and other service course dates, please contact us on sara@bespokebureau.com  or call our offices on +44(2031670925