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Are you looking to find a private chef in London? Private chefs in London can be hard to find. To find a private chef of a top end quality you may have to look for a while and use many different private chef placement agencies.

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The best private chefs in London are very sought after and can be expensive. How to find a private chef in London with the bespoke bureau? Its as easy as one two three. Register with the housekeeping agency in London today and we will shortly send you the agency’s best available of 3-4 top private chefs looking for new positions in London. Private chefs in London sometimes charge more than other private chefs and therefor its important that you use a housekeeping agency in London such as the bespoke bureau. It is in the placement agency’s interest to keep the prices of private chefs down for you and your friends so that you can get a good deal but also recommend us and our placement agency services to all your friends that are also looking for private chefs in London. So how much does a private chef in London cost? A daily private chef in London can cost from 600 to 800 pounds per week net approximately. Sometimes a private chef in London costs less and sometimes more. If you want a private chef in London with amazing cooking skills than she is likely to cost you more than a private chef who just does the cleaning and the laundry. What is a private chef? A private chef are a very experienced private chef that are able to cover most household duties in your home. The placement agency places private chefs of all ranges and for all price levels in London and also outside. If you have a large household that needs to be fully staffed and you wish to employ many private chefs for your private home then we suggest you hire a head private chef for your home first and then a number of junior or standard private chefs for your laundry, washing, cleaning, serving and so on. We have a large selection of live in private chefs in London that can also drive, baby sit, do nanny duties and much much more. You may wish to hire a private chef from England or the Philippines or even a Portuguese private chef.

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