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Where to find a Butler in the UK or where to find a Butler for traveling?

If you are looking to find a Butler to work for you, your boss or your family in the UK, Swizerland, China, Middle East, Russia or elsewhere then look no further. Our London based recruitment agency for Butlers will help you find your highly qualified and experienced Butler who will work for you permanently or on a temporary basis. Our Butlers are of course interviewed, met with, vetted, reference checked and CRB or police check so you can rest assured that the Butler we send you or place in your private household or hotel will be a very good one, if not the best on in the world.


27Maybe you just need a Butler for a day or for an event. We can do that for you too

The Domestic Staff agency’s Butlers have a very high reputation and are often trained and qualified on our famous Butler school that we have a in London but also overseas. We train our Butlers in a hotel, in our office school or even at your house or estate if you want.

So why use our Butler agency? We have the best reputation of being the best domestic staff placement agency in the UK, if not in the world and we are very popular amongst VIP families, 5 Star Hotels, celebritites and anyone else looking to find or recruit a high end Butler.

So how does it work? You call or on 02031670925 or email us on sara@bespokebureau.com and tell us your requirements and a little bit about you and your set up, home, duties, hours etc. If you are not sure of what you need them we can help you decide on the type or staff that you need for your home. You may only need one Butler or you may wish to hire a number of domestic staff. No job is too small or too big for us for you can rest assured that we will be able to help you and your family

You can find more information on our websites www.bespokebureau.com or contact the team of Domestic staff recruitment company experts on the details below:

Kind regards,

Sara Vestin Rahmani


Bespoke Bureau Butler Agency

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Main phone: +44 (0) 2031670925