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Yacht Stew Courses

Although training for interior yacht crew is not (yet) mandatory (beyond basic safety training), it is certainly necessary and with our brilliant yacht training programs around the world, there are plenty of courses in France, the UK etc to choose from.

Interior crew courses are popular amongst serious yacht interior crew members. We are a worldwide famous crew training interior yacht crew company that offers an excellent service program consisting of a various modules such as: wine, service, silver service, etiquette and wine course. Much much more of course

Our Yacht interior training programme is pioneering in the yacht training world. “We not only have our amazing yacht interior training teachers, but also offer a hands on CV surgery as well as help you find work onboard a yacht.

“A lot of our students find it helpful and when they go back to their vessels, they, too, are able to coach.” Sara Sara Vestin Rahmani-Owner Bespoke Bureau

Our courses will make you a chief steward/esses or steward/esses who are in charge of everything interior. It is a good stepping stone for yacht crew transitioning to estate management or Butlering also. Our five-day Yacht interior course that can be taken also as a Butler training course.

Our Yachting courses have offices in Antibes, London and Norfolk teach stews and pursers who have actually never been taught formally and want to get an alternative perspective. Service is an art not a science and yacht crew seem to thrive on sharing perspectives and ideas.

For interior crew looking for basic courses, to start in the yacht industry, there are many introduction and silver service courses to choose from with us. The 5 day intro course offer Interior Crew Basic Skills and is a wonderful kick start for your yacht career. “We call it a fast-track course in which we cover Silver Service and all serving types, detailing, yacht guest services i.e. laundry, valet, champagne, wine and bar service, coffee/tea and so on. We focus on attitude and situational awareness (guest awareness) with all the special service skills.” Courses with Bespoke Bureau and Abacus are offered in private or group settings and classes can be customized to cover everything from ironing, packing, inventory and stock, Excel and other computer software and event planning to name a few.

We also offer a variety of silver service courses: Silver Service Foundation, an intense Silver Service course and a three-day Interior foundation. “These courses are designed to teach all levels of steward/esses to have confidence and use creativity to develop their skills. We understand that every single yacht’s interior is different: furnishings, traditions, management etc. However, we want to assist in maintaining a high overall industry standard. These past few years we have seen more and more unqualified ‘green’ yacht crew with previous hospitality experience trying to make it in the world of yachting. With an influx of available crew, it is becoming difficult to hold on to a position when you are evidently out of your depth. We hope to educate junior crew enough about their positions in the short courses to give them a solid starting point to work from.”

We also offer Silver Service and tailor made courses designed for all levels of service from entry-level crew to experienced steward/esses who want more formal training.

Housekeeper yacht

While these amazing yacht crew interior courses, there are many new and exciting opportunities for interior crew members.

As part of its basic interior training, we offer a one-day wine foundation course and as part of our training for yacht crew, we also offer a Bartender/Barista course as well as a wine course. “Not only do we teach about the wines, but we emphasize to crew how to communicate about the wines to their guests.”

As the job market gets tougher, padding a CV with the right type of training, be it practical or unique, is one way to stand out, especially in a profession as service-focused as interior yacht crew.

Yacht crew interior courses-reviews and testimonials

I attended a super yacht stewardess course in the UK which I found very useful. It was a one day course that covered all the basics of being a stew on a super yacht. I had never done silver service before and was a bit apprehensive about entering the industry without much experience. After completing this practical course, my confidence has improved and I am able to do silver service! The course was through the company Bespoke Bureau, I really recommend this course for anyone who wants to add value to their CV.

If you would like to find or book your ideal Yacht interior service course then please contact us on +44 (0) 2031670925 or sara@bespokebureau.com for a full calendar of our courses

Our courses fill up quickly so please be quick.

Course dates 2013

Duration:  5 days
Start dates:  Every Monday from 22nd Apr – 24th Jun
and every Monday from 2nd Sep – 11th Nov 2013.
Location:  Antibes, France
Cost:  €975.00