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What You’ll Learn on our Butler training:


Students have the option of taking the program as follows:
2-week entirety
1- day individual segment (if we have space)

Our Butler Management training curriculum is thorough and has been designed to provide Butler and House management students with all the skills they require to succeed as a Household Manager in the 21st century.

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  1. Household Management
  2. Laundry and Housekeeping
  3. Butling and service
  4. Advanced Household Management

Segment 1 – Household Management :

  • Household Management
  • Security
  • Household Mechanicals
  • Domestic Staff hire and management
  • Professionalism
  • Hygiene

Household Management
All aspects of Household Management Communications, managing household inventories, procedures, manuals, petty cash
General best practices

Students are introduced to the concept of the Family Office and how to liaise with one.  Students will also be introduced to creating staff plans, drafting job descriptions, recruiting for household positions, employment and termination procedures, live-in vs. live-out protocols and employment laws and regulations.

First Aid (extra course)
This class teaches students the elements of First Aid, Heart Saver, AED.  Students will learn how to perform treatments for minor burns and cuts as well as how to respond to instances of potential heart attack or stroke.  Students will also know how to administer CPR by the end of this 1-day class.

Household props etc
Students will learn the terminology and typical components of a luxury residence’s inventory system.
We will help show you cost savings and techniques of Preventive Maintenance.

Segment 2 – Butling and Service

  • Butler Skills
  • Etiquette and Protocol
  • Table Setting and Service
  • Valet Skills
  • Event Planning
  • Butler Skills: A professional Butler teaches Butler traits, code of ethics and then traditional items such as ironing a newspaper, answering the door, and setting and serving tea trays.  Students will be taught the importance of anticipatory service and correct body language for entering and leaving a room.  Students will learn how to welcome and announce guests, answer the front door as well as the telephone.
  • Etiquette and Protocol: In this intensive course, students learn the difference between Etiquette and Protocol, the Order of Precedence and its applications, an introduction to the history of Etiquette & Protocol and how to make introductions (including cross-cultural.)  Students also practice various forms of correspondence and learn about the essential components of an invitation and how they should be interpreted.  Finally, students learn the application of Etiquette and Protocol in such various situations as births, weddings and funerals.
  • Table Setting and Service: This very hands-on class introduces students to different types of utensils, serving pieces, cutlery, china and glassware, and proceeds to table setting, table space calculation using a butler stick and the various international styles of table setting.  Students are taught napkin folding as well as learning about the Order of Service chart.  Finally, students learn service styles including but not limited to British, French, Russian, Asian and family style.
  • Valet Skills: Students will learn about the role and function (both current and historical) of the Valet.  The difference between a Butler and Valet is explained.  Valet skills such as shoe polishing, packing and unpacking of suitcases, tying different knot styles and jewelry cleaning are taught.  Students will learn the checklist that they should follow when returning garments to the wardrobe.
  • Event Planning/Part of the practical exam: Students learn the elements of executing an event from beginning to end.  This includes the management of RSVP lists and the ability to order rentals, wait staff, flowers and food in sufficient quantities according to industry standard metrics.  Students also learn how to plan a menu with a principal, caterer or private chef.

Segment 3 – Housekeeping and Laundry

In Segment 3 of the 4-week program, students learn about

  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Wardrobe Management
  • Housekeeping: This class explores the theory and best practices of Housekeeping in a luxury home.  It is also a heavily hands-on class where students have ample opportunity to practice the skills they are being taught.  Students learn about the potentially damaging effects of light, temperature and dust and are introduced to cleaning products (commercial, home-made and green) as well as cleaning tools.  Students learn the steps for cleaning a room as well as how to sanitize rooms like the kitchen and bathroom.  They also are instructed on how to zone a home as well as clean and maintain surfaces like marble, granite, slate, laminate, wood and man-made surfaces
  • Laundry: As with Housekeeping this class combines theoretical elements with hands-on practice.  Students learn about best practices for household laundry including the laundry symbol chart and are introduced to laundry products (commercial, home-made and green), tools and machines.  Students learn how to prepare clothes for laundry, to pre-treat various fabrics for different stains and to systemize the tracking of dry cleaning.  Students learn how to hand wash, steam a suit or dress, use a rotary iron for napkins and bed linen, and use a hand iron on a variety of fabrics.  The objective is to provide the House Manager with sufficient skills to manage the laundry department, hire and train a Laundress, and fill in if required.
  • Wardrobe Management: In this class students are taught how to manage a fine wardrobe.  Organizational principles of type, colour and fabric are taught, as is seasonal rotation of clothing that includes best storage practices for furs, fine woolens and other fabrics.  Wrinkle-free packing techniques are taught, as is the checklist of what to do when unpacking.  Students also learn basic sewing skills to assist their employer in a pinch.

Segment 4 – Advanced Household Management

Segment 4 of the 4-week program, students learn about:

  • Cigars and Coffee
  • Floral Design
  • Cooking
  • Wine, Champagne and Mixology
  • Cooking: A Private Chef, with experience working in some of the world’s best restaurants and private households, teaches students basic cooking skills that can be used on the “Chef’s Day Off.” Grilling techniques, attractive plating styles, preparation of marinades and vinaigrettes are taught so students will have recipes to delight their employers.  Students also learn how to choose the best meats, fish and produce at the market.
  • Wine, Champagne and Mixology: IA Certified Sommelier introduces students to the world of wine and champagne.  Students receive a brief history of both and are introduced to common varietals.  Students are instructed on the five basic steps of tasting wine: colour, swirl, smell, taste and savour.  Students will also know how to serve, pour and decant wine after taking this fun, hands-on class.  The class ends with students learning the principles of mixology including how to mix basic cocktails and how to set up a standard bar.
Chinese Butler Students on the Butler training course in CHina Dec 2012

Chinese Butler Students on the Butler training course in CHina Dec 2012

Who We Are

Bespoke Bureau Butler training specializes in Consulting, Training, Education and Placement for the private residential and premier hospitality markets worldwide. We assist our clients with staff planning and advising on household operations and best practices. Our Butler school provides training for staff within private residences and for the hotel/resort industry. Our firm specializes in butler training for luxury hotels. Additionally our placement division places high calibre candidates in both residential and hospitality positions including: Housekeepers, Chefs, Estate Managers, Personal Assistants, Chauffeurs, Butlers, and Household Managers. The Charles MacPherson Academy for Butlers and Household Managers is a private career school located in central London and Norfolk, UK that turns out skilled professionals who meet the service demands of the 21st Century.

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