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Residential Butler course in Norfolk-July 2013

Book on http://www.bespokebureau.com or sara@bespokebureau.com

Here is our schedule for the students.

We are excited to see everyone and have also had 2 cancellations so there is space. You can book all of the below of separate if you wish or book all of the course


Monday the 8th July The life of a butler/House manager-Introduction, going over the training programme, butler role, why everyone is here, their expectations etc, hierarchy,includes history and traditions, personal traits, technical skills, personal and professional standards, and service in detail. 

Tuesday the 9th July Service & Housekeeping basics- Rota for the students to be pre decided to make them comfortable around the house guests and make sure they know the basics and what to do the following two weeks

Wednesday the 10th July Cooking-includes balancing food and wine, menu planning and record keeping, hygiene, speed-cuisine, quality control, “the Chef’s night off”.

Thursday the 11th July   Housekeeping more in depth all day.

Friday the 12th July House management -includes setting of routines and schedules, household hierarchy, defining and setting standards, purchasing, stocking etc etc.

Saturday the 13th July Staff management- includes interviewing skills, hiring and firing, agency staff, employee handbooks and house rules, human resources and personnel issues, staff communications, boundaries, time management.

Sunday the 14th July- Laundry management-includes linens and fine fabric care, clothing maintenance, ironing & pressing, dry-cleaning, product knowledge (wanted to do this half way into the week as it will be time to wash sheets etc for the students)

Monday the 15th July- Valeting and wardrobe skills-examines the professional Gentleman’s Gentleman, and includes dress codes, formal wear, purchasing and care of bespoke clothing and shoes, maintaining inventories, packing and unpacking suitcases.

Tuesday the 16th July – Table management-includes setting tables and serving meals, serving skills, styles of service, table manners, canapés, wines and champagnes, cigars, creating menus, special celebrations.

Wednesday the 17th July Silver service and full on

Thursday the 18th July (BBQ weather permitting)- Dog care and other Miscellaneous-includes traveling with your employer, relocating the household, security or other missed out info or things we want to re-itterare

Friday the 19th July- George Telford to guest teach this day, he also stays over the party to help prep and assess students Finishing School- Etiquette & protocol Subjects include Etiquette and Protocol as well as Confidence and Department or . Includes addressing persons of different cultures and titled persons, acquiring social confidence, social and business correspondence, common-sense good manners and consideration for others, personal norms and values. Summary of what they have learned, planning tomorrow’s big event, who does what, when etc etc. General repetition eve before

Saturday the 20th July-Garden party. Everyone to work as a team and show us what they have learned