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Butler Training dates and housekeeper training dates


Bespoke Bureau offers unique Butler Training Courses

Butler Training in London

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Bespoke Bureau are proud to announce short, medium long and longer Butler courses as well as longer training courses for Butlers. The Bespoke British Butler Academy are offering 2 day to 1 week courses in London (4 or more modules). The Butler training is held in central London (Mayfair or the city mostly) and includes various Butler training aspects such as a finishing school, valeting, silver service, cooking, flower arranging and much much more. Welcome to the UK’s most exclusive Butler training courses. Who trains with us? We train existing hotel staff, housekeepers, house managers, Butlers and other staff to become top Butlers and/or House Managers or Estate Managers.

Sara Vestin Rahmani and Butler graduates
Sara Vestin Rahmani and Butler graduates

The British Butler Academy (BBA) is an award winning and exclusive Butler & House Management school. We are proud to offer our clients the most exclusive Butler training in the UK. The Butler training is very hands on and we only train small groups. We run courses throughout the year so contact us on main@bespokebureau.com for dates and more info. You can either do part modules or full courses, whatever suits you. We try and keep the training affordable as well as offering you various payment schemes to suit you.

Why train with the British Butler training academy?
Get ahead of the game. With the British Butler Training Diploma new doors will open for you. You will not only be seen as THE TOP Butler and be in big demand, but employers will bid highly on you, allowing you to choose the best job around and earn big ££.
Our Butler trainers and teachers are the finest and most experienced in the world. With over 200 years experience between the 4 of them, we offer a vast knowledge of the industry and domestic history of some of England’s and the rest of the world’s finest Stately Homes, Hotels and Estates. Our misson is to pass on to you, our knowledge of this wonderfully unique profession.

The British Butler training course belongs to the award winning, British Butler Academy (BBA) and the certificate is well known world wide and is acknowledged as THE best Butler training school in the world.

Our Butler training offers the very highest private service that would be required by top society of today, managing and running their private residences and 5 star hotels and resorts.

We tailor make your Butler training to you. We offer short seminars of 2 days in addition to longer courses that run from 1 to 4 weeks.

Flexibility. You can come to us and either train in London and/or one of the stately homes we use. Alternatively, we can come to you.

This is your private Butler training service taught at the very highest standards from us to you.

You will come away as the PERFECT BRITISH BUTLER.