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We are the only Au pair agency in the UK that offers au pair induction and training courses for au pairs and nanny as well as in house first aid for au pairs and parents.  Our Core skills and pro nanny training courses will get your au-pair “qualified” and is part of the ofsted registration. The Ofsted registration of your au pair or nanny can save you £££s in tax savings. Book ealy not to miss out

The Au pair company’s desk on: + 44(0) 201670926

Peek-a-boo always have very good au-pairs available

We specialize in Swedish and Scandinavian au-pairs, who have got a great reputation and a very good level of English. We also have great German, Spanish, French and Romanian au-pairs. We and/or our local representatives overseas interview all candidates over the phone or in person.

We have au-pairs willing to work anywhere in the UK and overseas. Check out who is available at the moment

We only select au-pairs experienced in childcare and that are suitable for light household duties. We check their flexibility and background to ensure they fit into family life. On top of requesting an extensive application we take up 2-3 references and ask candidates to provide a medical clearance as well as a police record. You will see pictures of the au pair as well as receive their letter and/or cv before you choose who you speak to or meet with.

A typical au-pair is a female or male carer who is between 18 – 27 who has got a genuine interest in children and has got a bit of childcare experience. She/he will at least have finished compulsory education and has a desire to go overseas to experience a new culture and learn a foreign language and to experience a new culture. An au pair should be treated as part of the family. The idea is for them to stay and work for you in exchange for a pocket salary, room and board. They will in general stay for 3 – 12 months.

We have experienced male au pairs as well as female. They are growing in popularity and are well known for their sportiness and their help with DIY and other things in the house.

What are the standard duties of an aupair?

Usually, you dont have to pay tax on your aupair if you are paying below the current threshold but if you are over the threshold, we will gladly help you register you as an employer and run the payroll for you. See more info on Peek-a-boo’s unique payroll service.

UK au pairs – find someone you can count on

Inviting UK au pairs into your home is always going to be a slightly daunting prospect. The foreign au pair will be taking care of your children so knowing you can trust them is of paramount importance, so it’s essential you can find reputable and reliable au pairs in London with exemplary references and impeccable standards. Here at Peek-a-Boo au pair agency in London we know how important choosing the right au pairs in the UK can be, and if you want to make sure you’re hiring an aupair in Londdon or outside that you can trust you’ve come to the right place. Peek a boo au pair agency in London is the most professional au pair agency in the UK.

Let Peek-a-Boo au pair agency find your au pair in the UK

We specialise in placing experienced au pairs in London so when you come to us looking for an au pair, you can look forward to finding au pairs that will totally meet your needs. All of our UK au pairs have been thoroughly vetted to ensure their suitability for the role and have at least 2-3 references that we can verify, and our UK au pairs also go through a rigorous au pair application process that includes medical and police checks. We make sure that our UK au pairs all have the relevant au pair experience and we also ensure that they’re suitable for such a role, and with our au pairs in London you can be confident that you’re getting the best of all the experienced au pairs available in the UK. Let us help you find your au pair today.

What to expect from au pairs in London

Au pairs in the UK have a very distinct role. They provide live-in au pair work(which means you have to provide all food and accommodation) and will be treated as part of the family. Au pairs in the UK will usually undertake any light household duties that will be required as well. UK au pairs tend to be between the ages of 18 and 27 and can be either male or female (we’ll of course take into account your personal preferences on the au pair such as experience, driving au pairs and other requested skills. You’re responsible for giving them an au pair pocket salary in return for their aupair services.

Find an au pair in the UK with our help

We know that it can be difficult to find an au pair in the UK that meets your precise needs, and that’s why we do the hard work for you so you can find an experienced au pair in the UK without the hassle. We’ve already vetted all of our au pairs in London to ensure they’re perfectly suitable for the job in hand, so there’s no need for you to go through the rigorous process of checking the au pairs references and police or medical records. But, when you find an au pair in the UK you’re still going to want to be in control, which is why we leave the final decision down to you of what au pair to choose. We’ll put you in touch with any au pairs in the UK that we think will suit your requirements and you’re free to choose accordingly, ultimately leaving you with au pairs in the UK that are sure to meet your needs. If you want to find an au pair in the UK just get in touch today, and we’ll soon help you find the perfect au pairs in London that will be the perfect addition to your family.

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