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Butler vs Valet (remember you can train with us to become either)

Butler vs Valet (remember you can train with us to become either)

Butler: A butler is the head servant, usually in charge of the kitchen and the dining room. Butler shares its etymology with bottle (as in wine bottle one suspects).

Valet: A valet is a personal servant, traditional responsible for a gentlemen and his dress. Today a valet might be any personal servant, as in valet parking. Valet is etymologically relate to vassal.

Butler: food, servants.
Valet: clothes, gentlemen.

Bespoke Bureau Butler Services, London, UK

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Course Dates & Costs


Butler & Silver Service training dates in London is for those wishing to become qualified as a Butler, House Management or Yacht interior (intense courses):

Butler & Service training level 1 intro/entry:
Saturday the 26th October 2013
Saturday the 7th December 2013

Silver service and Table Management training: 
Sunday the 27th October 2013
Sunday the 8th December 2013

Housekeeping training level 1 (entry/intro): 
Monday the 28th October 2013

Housekeeping training level 2 (advanced): 
Tuesday the 29th October 2013

Laundry, ironing, mending & Wardrobe Management training: 
Wednesday 30th October 2013

Yacht/House interior, coffee/tea service plus flower arranging training: 
Thursday the 31st October 2013

Canapé, Champagne & Afternoon tea service: 
Friday the 1st November 2013

Yacht interior training dates in London: 
Above modules (choose 5 or 7 days)
1 week (26th – 1st November 2013


The ‘British’ Way – training for the voice and accent.
Are you a high end service professional?  Have you ever wanted to work on your vocal presentation and your accent?  Join us for an intensive training day and learn all the skills you need from a world renowned accent coach.Saturday the
Saturday7th of December 2013

VIP Etiquette and Professionalism
Develop your etiquette skills and professionalism needed for any high end service approach.  Use these skills to gain promotions in work and have a greater confidence in interviews and networking.
Sunday the 8th of December

2 week Butler & House Management residential course (official Butler qualification training on a real setting of a stately home in Norfolk (Morley Old hall)

All above modules and real life training in a real life setting
20th January-2nd February 2014.

Prices below (All prices are subject to VAT which is 20% on top)

Bespoke Butler Courses

Day(s)   Cost       Discount              Final Price            (Per day)

1              £300       0                              £300                       £300

2              £600       20%                        £480                       £240

3              £900       25%                        £675                       £225

4              £1200    30%                        £840                       £210

5              £1500    35%                        £975                       £195

6              £1800    40%                        £1,080                   £180

7              £2100    45%                        £1,155                   £165

Price for the 2 week training: £3000 plus VAT

Live in or live out arrangements available
London: Local Hostels or Hotels near Bank, EC2 or London Bridge, London
Norfolk: Shared cottages available on site for £35 per night

For other dates, tailor made courses, discounts or to book,  pls call 00442031670925 or email lucy@bespokebureau.com