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The British Butler Academy

Welcome to the British Butler Academy-Your home away from home

All our Butler teachers and Housekeeper trainer as part of the British Elite. We also have Russian Butler trainers, Italian trainers as well as other nationals such as Chinese Butler teachers

Together, our teachers have 200 year’s experience of managing and running large stately homes and residences as well as teaching for the British Butler Academy.

They are therefore well equipped to pass on their unique experience and skill set to our Butler and Housekeeping plus Valet students.

The British Butler Academy offers a  unique chance for people wanting to enter the industry or that are already in the industry to gain a 5 star service attitude and skill set. We mix traditional butlering with a modern touch to ensure that are students are well rounded at the time of the graduation. We are situated in the heart of London in the City on the prestigious Guildhall yard which is where are head quarters are. However we also have a rather large an magnificent house in Central London that we use for our residential 2 week training

It is our wish at the The British Butler Academy is to teach each Butler and Housekeeper student to become the best in an industry that we love and are very proud of.

The British Butler Academy is also a franchise and we operate around the globe. The British Butler Academy can come to your premises, the your house and train your staff or to your hotel and train your staff as well as make individual tailor made courses at our own premises.

Once we have trained you, we will try and help you find either an intern-ship or work, depending on your grades or your experience.

We will provide you with a beautiful certificate as well as a reference (if you do a good job)

Welcome to the British Butler Academy