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 Hotel Senior Management training course and Butler Training Courses in China

This is what we will teach you:

 The Life of a Butler– History and traditions, personal traits, personal and professional standards, service in detail.

Staff Management- Interviewing, hiring and firing, agency staff, employee handbooks and house rules, human resources and personnel issues, staff communications, time management.
House Management-Technical skills,setting routines and schedules, defining and setting standards, purchasing.
Table Management- setting tables and serving meals, styles of service, table manners, wines and champagnes, cigars, special celebrations.
Laundry Management- including linens and fine fabric care, clothing maintenance, ironing & pressing, dry-cleaning, product knowledge.
Valeting Skills-Dress codes, formal wear, purchasing and care of bespoke clothing and shoes, maintaining inventories and packing suitcases.
Communication-cultural differences, interpersonal skills, body language, remembering names and making conversation, telephone manners, personal presentation skills.
Etiquette & Protocol-Addressing persons of different cultures and titled persons, acquiring social confidence, social correspondence, common-sense good manners and consideration for others.
Cooking-Balancing food and wine, menu planning and record keeping, speed-cuisine, quality control, “the Chef’s night off”.
Miscellaneous-From traveling with your employer to relocating the household, chauffeuring techniques, security, character building and more, much more.

We train you in all the aspects of butling and house management






员工管理 - 访,雇用和解雇,机构的工作人员,员工手册和内部规则,人力资源和人事问题,员工沟通,时间管理。
烹饪平衡食物和酒,菜单规划和记录保存,速度美食,质量控制, “厨师之夜” 。
杂项 - 从您的雇主搬迁家庭旅行,接送技术,安全,品格和更多,更多。



British Butler Academy China

By the end of this course you will:
–Be a pro-active, self-motivated, flexible and service orientated professional.
–Have developed an exceptional attitude to service.
–Be equipped mentally to face a range of challenges head on with an appropriate and positive response that puts the client first.
–Have developed the ability to go above and beyond all guest expectations.
–Understanding and appreciate  the traditional role -present and future – of a professional butler, and;
–Understand the concept of what it takes to provide outstanding service.
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