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Bespoke Bureau-Domestic Staff Agency in London

Housekeeper training and Butler training in London-Click here for more info-


Work as housekeeper?

The Bespoke Bureau’s City Academy is offering exclusive Housekeeper training courses. The 2-day training course will refresh or renew your cleaning skills.

During the program, students will have both classroom and hands-on classes.

Each student will receive a copy of the housekeeping & laundry textbook from the academy to also bring home and use as a guide. The subjects taught will include, but not limited to:

Understanding Personal Hygiene & Sanitation

Cleaning tools required for the house of today

Cleaning products both chemical and non chemical

Cleaning technique’s to include best practices and “How To”. Rooms to be covered include, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens

Dealing with specialty surfaces such as wood cabinetry, stainless steel, ceramic, shower doors, blinds

How to correctly dust anything from delicate to everyday surfaces

Dealing with specialty items such as antiques…

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