Chief stewardess vacancy for China-On a super yacht with western crew

Chief stewardess vacancy for China

Our super VIP based in China and Hong Kong is in need of a new Chief Stewardess asap. We are looking for a: Western girl in her 30’s, extremely presentable, with experience in top end Chinese restaurants or 5-star hotels in China ideally. She needs to have a very good knowledge of the smallest details regarding Chinese service. This is very important. The British captain wants someone who knows absolutely everything about serving Chinese people. Ideally, it is a long term position. This family prefers stability. The job is with excellent pay but having someone with experience serving Chinese is essential. In the next year they are expected to be 6 months in Hong Kong and 6 months in Sanya. The crew are all western and the boat is wonderful

chief stewardess vacancy in china

How can you help us find a person for the Chief stewardess vacancy for China?

I would be really glad if you can help us finding the right candidate for this chief stewardess position in China ! Please let me know if you have any questions.


 Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!