Butler schools in China-Sara Vestin Rahmani

Butler Schools in China

Sara Vestin Rahmani goes to visit her franchises in Beijing and Shanghai the 3rd week of January. At the Butler schools in China she has opened and is about to open a lot is happening. We are building various premises for her academies and improving the existing ones with our expert teams out in China.

Sara Vestin Rahmani in China-Best of the Best awards
Sara Vestin Rahmani in China-Best of the Best awards’ 10th anniversary

Schedule of her time spent in her Butler Schools in China

On this particular trip, Sara Vestin Rahmani was extra exited as she was invited as the guest of honour by Mr Kong (the 76th direct descendant of Confucius who she is setting up Butler schools in China and the UK with. Mr Kong is a wonderful and very successful entrepreneur with a huge team of excellent consultants and right hand men.

Sara Vestin Rahmani in China
Sara Vestin Rahmani in China-Before speaking
Sara Vestin Rahmani in China
Exchanging contracts
Sara Vestin Rahmani in China
Sara Vestin Rahmani in China-With one of her teams in Beijing
Sara Vestin Rahmani in China
Sara Vestin Rahmani in China-Press conference Beijing


Butler Schools in China
Butler Schools in China-We train the staff to serve the Chinese VIP elite

The Demand for the British Butler and Butler Schools in China

There is a huge demand of Butlers and 5 star service staff in China. There are now thousands of fine establishments with the interior and decoration which matches 5 star properties in Britain. However China’s hospitality service does not yet match the beautiful 5 star décor. This is where The British Butler Academy can help. We will make sure that all students trained by us become not only of 5 star service level but 6 star.

Who is hiring and training their staff in China?

Our typical Chinese client is either: a 5 Star Hotel, a HNW individual, celeb or high profile business person. The rich Chinese are hiring more and more and seem to have vast funds to spend. We find that a lot of them are investing in further properties due to the low prices in Europe and a growing trend with Chinese seeking British butlers for their UK homes and homes overseas properties.

China’s future in the world economy and our involvement with our Butler Schools in China

We believe that China is a very important country and will be a prominent player in the world economy in years to come. As China is merging deeper with the western world, it is of big importance that China matches their hospitality service with their intelligence, technology and power. China needs (and wants to) have the same level of service that you can expect in westerns countries such as England, USA and France. When high end business men, politicians and celebrities visit China they expect 5 star service.

The importance of The prestigious Butler Schools for China

The British “upstairs downstairs” Downton Abbey culture is very exotic and trendy amongst the Chinese. There is something special about the domestic staff hierarchy, country estates, riches and traditions that people with money to pay for it can’t seem to resist. It goes with the territory of being rich or famous to have your own British Butler or staff and any Chinese person or Hotel/Club of importance must have a British Butler or British trained staff. It’s seen as a sign of power and an understanding of the western world.

Butler schools in China-Train your hotel staff to be the best
Butler schools in China-Train your hotel staff to be the best

The History of the Butler

A butler is a domestic worker in a large household or a Hotel. A butler is historically male and in charge of male servants but these days he will often manage all staff, including the female staff. The butler had and still has the highest servant status and best pay. These days, in modern houses, we use titles such as house manager and estate manager. Modern day butlers are considered to be one of the most versatile domestic employees, as the role has evolved into a diverse range of quality services. He or she is a multi tasker with a large responsibility but the precise duties of the employee will vary in line with the requirements of the individual employer. Frequently a butler will assume a combination of roles, varying from head waiter, chef, valet, chauffeur to personal assistant, usually complimenting each role with ease and distinction. Consistent to all butler roles however, are the essential characteristics of refined discretion, dignity, perfection and excellence in service and standards. To be defined as a great Butler, you must possess a wealth of experience and/or formal education through butler schools for distinguished excellence. With our Butler training you will be the best.

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