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Butler Staffing in Saudi Arabia

Sara Vestin Rahmani-Provides butler hire for Saudi Arabians

The British style Butler is often in uniform and primarily charged with managing the household staff, reception of guests, serving of refreshments and meals, maintaining the fine silver and china, the valet of the employers clothing and various other duties. The Butler reflects a formal image. Generally duties would not include cooking and cleaning duties other than as trainer or fill in.



The current perception of the British Butler combines the duties of the Household Manager with a more formal attitude and mindset of the formal Butler. As with the House Manager job definition, there is a wide range in the actual job duties depending on the particular residence and also on the quality, experience and skill of the individual providing Butler service.

Salaries for Butlers for Saudi Arabia

The salaries of Butler for Saudi Arabia can vary greatly. The classic Butler who has executive level management skills, excellent job history and who can portray a wonderful service personality can achieve salaries of £100,000 and up but entry level butlers or under butlers can start at around £30,000 for butler jobs in Saudi

Hire a Butler for Saudi Arabia

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