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Do you need a private chef for Christmas? Someone to take the turkey cooking strain off you?

Find a temporary chef

Besides the training and talent required for preparing food that pleases the palate of the employer, the temporary chefs we provide for private residences are very good. The private chefs on offer for short term placements have temperaments that are flexible to last minute changes. The private temporary chef will receive special requests and the differing personalities of the family and friends being served.

Private temporary chef and their menus

Our agency temporary chefs have a good understanding of various styles of table service, party protocols and the job duties of other staff. The ability to maintain a record of family and guest preferences is important for a personal chef, as well a willingness to be alert to requests to try different things. Abilities to shop carefully for quality and to manage the kitchen for efficiency, cleanliness and cost effectiveness are valued by employers. Salaries for temporary and Christmas  private chefs range from  £200-400 a day. Usually this is a live out position but either or works.

To find a temporary chef or hire Hire a Personal Chef

Trust us to find the best temporary chef suited for your needs. We conduct thorough background checks so you feel safe and secure with your choice of temporary chef in London. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes hiring a Personal temporary Chef. We specialize in Personal Chef placement worldwide so you can rely on us for your Personal Chef staffing needs.

Call us today to hire a temporary Chef. We only place temporary private Chefs who know the job well. Contact us now and find a Personal Chef who is perfect for you.

Find a temporary chef-the interview in London

Our personal temporary private chefs will come an meet with you in London or do a trial day. They can also of course fly overseas if you want them to

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