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Role of a butler-as important as ever


Role of a butler-as important as ever. Why?

The majority of people imagine that the role of a butler is an archaic one and one that is now nothing more than a staple of period dramas or the odd comedy show. However, butlers are still very much in demand, and just as important as ever for those with a great deal of money and very little time.

What households seek a butler?

Butlers may seem to be anachronistic, but in fact they are just as relevant today as ever, and whilst it may seem that having a person on hand to do what you want, when you want it, does not fit into modern society, consider the wide use of PAs and you will start to see that a butler is, in essence, very similar.Such household staff may well have to dress in a different way to a personal assistant, but this is simply due to the aesthetics of the buildings in which they work. If a butler was to wear jeans and a t-shirt in the most beautiful homes in the country they would stand out a mile, and just as PAs need to wear suits in a business environment, a butler will be dressed according to where they will be working.


As such, butlers are not out of place at all, and are needed more than ever in a time when people seem to be busier than ever in all walks of life. The perks will be great and the pay surprisingly high, and those taking such roles will get to spend their days in the lap of luxury, making their roles even more appealing than their business world counterparts. So for those who want to see what it really is like to be a butler and live amongst such wealth and class, joining a household staff agency and jump into the VIP role of a butler could allow you to do just that.

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