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British Accent and Etiquette training course

Our British Accent & Etiquette training courses take place here

The British Butler Academy’s British Accent and Etiquette training course -what is it about?

Come to our finishing school to get your perfect British accent and learn about the British Manners and etiquette so you too can join the  Elite. We train service , nannies as well as business men that are both British and foreign. Our vocal and etiquette trainer is one of the best in the country.

The ‘British’ Way – training for the voice and accent-1 day course is part of the British Accent and Etiqette training course

Are you a high end service professional?  Have you ever wanted to work on your vocal presentation and your accent?  Ever been discriminated because you are not a native English speaker? Join us for an intensive training day and learn all the skills you need from a world renowned accent coach.

VIP Etiquette and Professionalism-1 day course also forms part of the British Accent and Etiqette training course

Develop your etiquette skills and professionalism needed for any high end service approach.  Use these skills to gain promotions in work and have a greater confidence in interviews and networking.

More info on our ourse dates and costs here

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