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Butler Housekeeper training

Our head butler housekeeper training

Why train with Bespoke’s butler housekeeper training?

What separates Sara Vestin Rahmani’s Butler Housekeeper training to other reputable placement agencies and Butler training course companies in the UK? We have gone one step further and invested time as well as thousands of pounds and more, to provide a reputable school for the past 10 years. Individuals who are interested in improving their knowledge in the domestic industry by doing the butler housekeeper training will always have the materials and up to date elite training. That is why we have clients who continuously contact us, inquiring about our graduates. We, here at the Bespoke Bureau Butler housekeeper training in the UK we hold ourselves to a higher standard, which is why our franchised programme has become so famous.

Sara Vestin Rahmani- Director of the Butler Housekeeper Training

Sara Vestin Rahmani-our owner who made it all possible
Sara Vestin Rahmani-our owner who made it all possible

 All of our programs are super popular and our courses get booked up fast. Sara Vestin Rahmani and her famous Butler Housekeeper traininis always seeking to improve standards of excellence.  We are the only Butler training academy in the world recommended by the British Butler association. Not only do we ensure that we are giving our students a quality education, but we provide them with the security that if we fail on this promise, they have an option of re-course with us. They can have an assessed course or just a practical/hands on butler course, residential or live out.

We aim to provide our students with everything they need to be successful.

Why do we encourage professional butler housekeeper training?

We have seen great benefits our graduates have received. Those with no prior experience in the profession and those who have worked in the private household service for years have all gain tremendously from our training. We have seen our graduates walk in to highly paid jobs and enjoy lucrative careers. We have seen clients’ satisfaction improve when we train their employees and significantly improve the level of service.

Our famous trademarked brand at the Academy

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