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French speaking Butler Dubai

French speaking butler Dubai
French speaking butler Dubai – seen as a commodity

Are you looking to find a French speaking Butler Dubai? A French speaking Butler Dubai can be hard to find. We suggest that you use an agency like ours. The best Butlers are popular and can be expensive. We can help you save money.

How to find a French speaking Butler Dubai?

It’s as easy. Register with our agency in today. We will quickly send you the agency’s best CVs to choose from.

The agency fee

It is in our agency’s interest to keep the prices of down. This is so that you and your friends can get a good deal. Most clients recommend our services to their friends

How much does a French speaking Butler Dubai cost?

French speaking Butler Dubai can cost from £50,0oo per year. Sometimes less and sometimes more. Most French speaking Butlers in Dubai earn about £70,000 per year. If you want the butler to travel with you, you will pay more.  Local butlers are cheaper. The reason for the high price of the French speaking Butler Dubai is that they are in demand.

What is a Butler?

French speaking butler Dubai
French speaking butler Dubai – Make your life easier with one

A butler is a worker in a large household. The duties of the butler varies. The requirements are decided by the employer. When the boss owns more than one  house, there is sometimes an estate manager there also.

Other French speaking staff for Dubai

If you have a household that needs to be fully staffed, come to us. We have a lot of French speaking household staff.  For more info about the types of French speaking staff that we have available now, call or email us.

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