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Advanced silver service training

Advanced silver service

Advanced silver service

Our famous Silver Service course in London runs all year around. It is available for:

  • Stews.
  • Waiters.
  • Waitresses.
  • Valets.
  • Butlers.
  • Food and beverage workers.
  • Housekeepers.
  • Private member clubs’ staff.
  •  This course is suitable for anyone wishing to enter  or excel the domestic staff, hotel, hospitality and catering industry.

Content of our Advanced silver service training:

  • Principles of Silver Service
  • Preparation – Sideboard area, Sideboard cutlery
  • Table preparation – Tablecloth, Laying the cloth, Laying the cover
  • Types of place setting – Table d’Hote cover, A la carte cover, Table arrangement
  • Types of cover
  • Napkins Folding
  • Serving – Main rules, Holding a service spoon and fork, Carrying plates, Using a tray, Service, Carrying glasses on a tray, Carrying clean cutlery and flatware, Serving from silver, Serving soup, Serving coffee, Serving vegetables, Using a service plate
  • Clearing – Plates and Knives, Crumbing Down, Clearing Accompaniments, Clearing Glasses

    Advanced silver service

    Advanced silver service

Advanced silver service training for private jet and yacht crew

Our Advanced silver service training is designed for both new and existing cabin crew. Anyone looking to gain new skills and knowledge is welcome. Also those wanting a refresher course are also welcome. Suitable for Cabin Crew operating or interested in operating on VIP or VVIP Corporate jets, the training involves interactive and informative learning sessions. This VIP / VVIP Yacht Silver Service training can be delivered over 2 or 3 days or it may be modified to create a specific programme that can suit the needs of any particular VIP Corporate operator / airline.

Corporate & First Class Service for VIP/VVIP Cabin Crew

Advanced silver service

Advanced silver service – Elite

Our training is delivered by experienced and top end Butlers and Service Experts from various fields. They combine their knowledge and skills to ensure that this training empowers cabin crew working in a silver service environment with the required knowledge and skills. This course is ideal for Yacht crew working on Private Jets or who deliver a First Class service product onboard commercial airliners.

Customisation of Training

Our Silver Service VIP/VVIP cabin crew and Yacht training program can be modified at the discretion of each operator.  Any of the following topics or additional ones requested by each customer:

  • Table Settings.
  • Napkin Folding.
  • Cutlery & Glasses Etiquette.
  • Cuisines & International Menus.
  • Preparing the Cabin.
  • Dressing Lavatories.
  • Food Service Delivery.
  • Collecting & Stacking.
  • Different Types of Service.
  • Inventory & Ordering.
  • Basic Food Hygiene.
  • Wines & Cold Beverages.
  • Hot Beverages.
  • Understanding the VIP/VVIP Customers to conduct their own security measures.

Our trainers at the advanced silver service training

Advanced silver service training

Our trainers are known as the best in the industry. With their combined 100 years of experience on the finest yachts in the world, they are the elite. They will teach you real life knowledge in real life settings. Your certificate will be appreciated by your current or future employer.

Thank you!

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