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Training course yacht interior service

Training course yacht interior service

Training course yacht interior service

Are you looking to find a Training course yacht interior service?

Look no further. Our yacht interior course is held on a 5 star luxury yacht in central London. Come and train and excel your service skills with us. The training course is held for service staff that have previous experience and are looking to gain further skills.

We teach elite service such as:

  • Silver service training
  • Russian service training
  • VIP etiquette
  • Celeb service training
  • Elite interior
  • Finishing touches
  • Much much more

    Training course yacht interior service

    Become the best crew member

Why our yacht interior school?

If you want a Training course for yachts in London that is considered the best then come to us. Learn all the amazing skills, tricks and tools of the trade whilst making friends for life. To find a Training course for yachts of a top end quality you may have to look for a while. Schools lie ours are few and far between. We are the only yacht school in the UK. The best Training courses for yachts interior and exterior crews are very sought after and can be expensive. We are, however always looking to keep the prices down for you.

How to find a Training course yacht interior service?

It’s easy, just call The Bespoke Bureau in London. Call or email us to enquire about a training date today. We specialise in excellence and we know just what we are doing. After you have completed your training course then we will place on you a good yacht (if you wish) with a good salary if you have done a good job. If you are already in a role then your captain will be pleased with your new found skills.

How much is the course?

A 5 days introduction to yachting in London will cost you approx. £1500+VAT. You can stay on the luxury yacht with us or live elsewhere.

How big are the groups?

We keep the groups very small with a maximum of 8-12 people at any given course. This is so that you have enough time to learn everything you need to be the best of the best.

Training on your yacht

Training course yacht interior service

Sara Vestin Rahmani at her her Yacht interior training school

If you have a large yacht with a crew of 3 or more then it may be cheaper that we come to you. We can train your staff on your own yacht. They will become certificate and skilled just the way you wish. Whatever type of Training course for yachts you wish to find for your private or chartered yacht we can find.

·         VIP hygiene and professionalism

·         Elite celeb service


Thank you!

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