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Hotel housekeeper training

Make your hotel a 6 star establishment with our famous Hotel housekeeping training

hotel housekeeper training

Hotel housekeeper training with us is fun

The British Butler Academy offers a well known Hotel Housekeeping programme. We bring our training to you. Each of our instructors have at least 20 years  experience in the industry. They have gone through teacher training with us. For decades they have been training service staff around the world. We travel to luxury hotels, private clubs, cruise ships and private homes.

Our ethos

We look to always teach the essential skills required to provide service perfection.

We don’t aim for the stars, we bypass them.

Our Hotel Housekeeper Training school is:

  • accredited.
  • assessment proofed.
  • quality controlled.
  • the only company in the world endorsed by the British Butler Association.
  • also a recruitment agency.
  • hotel housekeeper training

    Students learning clothes folding

We offer:

  • 6 star training for all clients.
  • one of one training if needed.
  • an option to re-train free of charge within a year if need be.
  • affordable corporate an individual rates.

    hotel housekeeper training

    Service is an integral part of the housekeeper training

How the Hotel housekeeper training works:

The program can be delivered to all levels of staff.

Training is available to:

  • junior maids.
  • housekeepers.
  • laundry maids.
  • supervisor housekeepers.
  • head housekeepers.
  • managers.
  • butlers.

We also have a train the trainer programme with our franchise model.

On site Hotel housekeeper training for you

Sara Vestin Rahmani outside the London Estate

Sara Vestin Rahmani outside the London Estate

The housekeeping program has been designed for delivery at the client’s location. You are also welcome to us. The program is tailor made as you want it.  We look to meet specific training needs of your specific location.

Thank you!

Sara Vestin Rahmani

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