Housekeeper training courses UK

We run popular Housekeeper training courses UK. You can come to our locations in London or we can come to you. The Hospitality Housekeeper Training program has a modular design. The program can either be taught in one go or in separate modules.

The Housekeeper training courses UK Modules

A snap shot of the modules we offer:

  • Introduction to housekeeping.
  • Housekeeping excellence.
  • Housekeeping Standards.
  • Types of Cleaning & Tools.
  • Cleaning Methods.
  • Interior excellence.
  • Finishing touches.
  • Deep cleaning.
  • Spring cleaning.
  • Laundry management.
  • Wardrobe management.
  • Perfecting ironing.
  • Keeping rotas.
  • Check lists.
  • Much much more

How we conduct the Housekeeper training courses UK

This practical, hands-on classes teaches the methodology behind cleaning best practices. Students develop individually and part of the group as they go along. We teach the students of how to keep each room looking perfect at all times. Attention to detail is key. set an appealing scene through suite detailing of the living area that includes furniture placement, lighting, positioning of drapery and sheers, and the placement of informational and promotional material within the suite. Class #6 Setting the Scene – Bedrooms & Bathrooms Students learn how to take the principles of Class #5 and apply them to the bedroom and bathroom. The lesson includes understanding turndown service and its variations, nightstand appointment as well as towel and amenity presentation. Class #7 Interacting with the Hotel Guest Housekeepers will inevitably interact with Guests. This class provides students with the skills to make each of those interactions successful. This includes understanding the profile of the average Guest, making a positive first impression, avoiding negative non-verbal communication, the challenges of cross-cultural communication, dealing with special requests and how to handle Guest belongings. Additionally, students will learn through case situations how to manage Guest privacyAdvanced Hotel Housekeeping is intended to augment the skills of individuals who are already working as Housekeeping Supervisors or Coordinators. Advanced Hotel Housekeeping Class #8 Class #8 Supervisor & Executive Housekeeper Issues This advanced class focuses on creating strong housekeeping teams through the hiring process to training and integration within the department. Supervisors and managers are taught how to motivate their staff towards efficiencies and correct execution of standards. The second half of the class focuses on best practices for room inspections, managing inspection report data as well as effective coordination with the Maintenance Department. Class #9 Supervisor & Executive Housekeeper Issues continued This class begins with best practices for scheduling and executing deep cleaning of a room. Following this is a lesson on best practices for conducting linen inventories, leading into broader instruction of par-stocks and their calculation. The class ends with an examination of standards and protocols for gratuities and their communication to housekeeping team members. Class #10 Executive Housekeepers & Hotel Management Issues This final advanced class teaches the methodology for calculating the correct number of housekeepers for a hotel. In addition, students are taught how to develop and maintain budgets for their department. Finally the class addresses effective methods for evaluating the delivery of standards through Guest surveys, employee evaluations and the interpretation of both