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Silver service training in London

Silver service training in London is very popular. Our famous courses run all year around in London and overseas.

Silver service training in London

Silver service training in London-Bespoke Bureau

The history of silver service training in London

Many people really enjoy the sense of history and even the grandeur that comes with Silver Service dining. In the right setting it can really add style to an event or function. Silver service waiting originates from the manors, country seats and fine houses of the British middle and upper classes of centuries gone by. It is referred to by the French as ‘English Service’ or ‘Service Anglais’. Silver service actually describes the process of serving diners from a ‘silver’ service dish to the diners plate, rather than the more common practice of serving the plate to the diner. The silver service waiter or waitress must be well acquainted with the appropriate etiquette and technique. Silver Service Training in London will teach your staff the techniques and etiquette to enable them to provide the best possible service to your customers.

Silver service training in London course testimonials

Sunday, 21 July 2013 Dear George, It’s Lucy Oliver from the Butler course. I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you have taught me over the past two days. I feel a lot more confident in my ability and I hope my new boss is impressed by your fantastic towel anchors! I have attached a little photo memory for you so you don’t forget me! How did the party go on Saturday? I am sure it was a great success. Thanks again. Kindest Regards, Lucy x 

By: May Digma, 2 day’s London Butler and Service course 02/06/2013 This course really helped me to understand the role of butler. It helped me regain the skills of serving a table in the proper way. I really enjoyed the training and hearing all the work experience of the instructor. 

By: Edson Rosa 2 day’s Butler Training 21/06/2013 I am very happy and I did achieve my satisfaction. It was very short, but very understandable. After this experience; I have learnt he prepared to make judgement and goals. 2 days weekend Butler course, London – 2013

Very comple course. Robins (the Butler trainer’s) experience gave us ideas of the real world will all comments. Thank you very much. Fabrice Hequet

Silver service training in London

Silver service training in London-Join the Elite

How to book the silver service training in London

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