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Finishing School London

Finishing school London

Finishing school London- We believe in old traditions

Traditional Finishing School London for the modern woman. We teach women (and men) of all backgrounds and cultures all aspects of social etiquette.  At the Bespoke Finishing School London we believe that manners and etiquette is still as important as ever.

We teach celebrities, royals, VIPs, HNW business individuals as well as service staff the ways of the refined British. Come join the Elite today at our Famous Finishing School

Finishing School London – The history of what we teach

Switzerland used to be known for its private finishing schools, such as the one which Diana, Princess of Wales attended. Many other European female royalties did the same. However, most are now closed but we are still open and will remain so.

Finishing school London courses- what are they all about?

“We need to make sure that all our staff are perfectly polished and pristine and always well groomed and well presented. We don’t just teach our students silver service with a smile. We also teach them everything from silver polish to super etiquette and how to speak to the rich and famous. We teach our students how to speak to celebs and royalty and what to do if they should ever (not unlikely in this profession). You never speak until you’re spoken to. If it’s a King, Queen, Prince or Princess, you say ‘Your Majesty’ and thereafter you say ‘Ma’am’ or your Royal Highness’. Says Sara Vestin Rahmani

Finishing School-The ‘British’ Way: training for the voice and accent

Are you a high end service professional that is not British? Have you ever been discriminated against because you don’t “sound English” despite years of experience? Have you ever wanted to work on your vocal presentation and your accent? Join us for an intensive British accent training day and learn all the skills you need from a world renowned accent coach.

Finishing school-Training for business men and women in British etiquette

Finishing school London

Finishing school London- meet the Elite

We teach old British traditional etiquette and values but with a modern twist at our Finishing school in London.  The Academy is known to transform ladies, gents from all cultures and nations into refined graceful business men or ladies of finesse.

Our curriculum-Finishing school

The finishing school operates 1 and 2 day classes as well as corporate plus individual classes (one on one) in:

  • Business etiquette training
  • British Accent training
  • The British way-mannerism training
  • Dining finesse and etiquette training
  • Correct meet and greet techniques
  • Posture and body language training
  • International business etiquette training
  • Social etiquette training
  • Youth etiquette training
  • Protocol training
  • VIP etiquette training
  • Gent’s etiquette training
  • Royal etiquette training

Finishing School London – certification

Finishing school London

Smiley graduates

The British Butler Academy’s Finishing school London is the leading internationally certified finishing school in Europe.  We offer quality controlled training t the finishing school

We are different at the Finishing school in London in that we:

  1. Run courses all year around
  2. Offer standard courses
  3. Offer tailor made courses
  4. travel to you if you wish
  5. welcome you to our royal premises to learn
  6. only hire trainers that are the most experienced in the industry to ensure you learn from the best

Finishing School London – Our famous location

We are based at the famed and Royal Quintessentially British Guildhall Yard in the city of London.  This unrivalled location allows our clients and students to experience London in a unique way, in a location where the grandeur all began.