29th January 2014

Wall Street Journal

Butler schools in demand

Butler schools in demand-Wall Street Journal Reports

Wall Street journal reports on the demand of butler schools and speaks to Sara Vestin Rahmani who was in China at one of the butler schools in demand at the time of the interview. Sara spoke to Frances Robinson based in Brussels. The story tells alot on Brussels and Holland schools which of course are not the the prime Butler schools in Demand.

The story speaks about the old and new butler schools and Sara Vestin Rahmani explains that we are teaching Traditional Butlering with a modern twist at the British Butler Academy.

Butler schools in demand-Sara Vestin Rahmani in China

Here is a snap shop of the story-Butler schools in demand

“Times are changing, and we’re using technology that we weren’t using back in the ‘Downton Abbey’ days,” says Sara Vestin Rahmani, director of the London-based Bespoke Bureau. “If somebody wants a super-modern, high-tech, Mac-ified, BlackBerry-fied 25-year-old female multitasker,” her agency can provide that, she says.

Butler schools in demand
Butler schools in demand-Sara Vestin Rahmani in China

Butler schools in demand in China

Ms. Rahmani’s company trained 600 people in China last year and sets up franchises in China to teach butling “with a modern twist,” she says. Her course includes lessons on intoning a fake British accent and tips on how to deal with paparazzi.

Full story available –here

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