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Butler Training London UK and in China

Butler Training London UK and in China includes Housekeeper Super training

Get ahead of the game, get a beautiful certificate and high paid jobs. Our Butler training London UK offers the very highest private service that would be required by top society of today, managing and running their private residences and 5 star hotels and resorts.

Sara Vestin Rahmani and Butler arranges flowers

Sara Vestin Rahmani and Butler arranges flowers

We are offering good prices for everyone booking the 1-2 week butler training London UK courses and our house management training courses in London

What will I learn at the Butler training London UK and in China?

Bespoke Bureau’s Butler and Housekeeper course is a great opportunity for domestic staff workers to refresh their skills and gain a professional qualification whilst liaising with other Housekeepers, House managers and Butlers. It is an intensive course that prepares you for the demanding job of working in both domestic and formal settings.

Butler training London UK Course-the content

When on the course, you will learn the foundations of working as a Butler and Housekeeper such as Etiquette, Valeting, Silver Service, Butler service, Care of Antiques, Care of Fine Clothes, Presentation and Packing amongst many other subjects. It will not only help to prepare you for work as a housekeeper or butler but will also equip you with the skills to go above and beyond the call of duty at work as you will also learn how to train and recruit staff, manage rotas and deal with contracts.

Will I gain a certificate on the Butler training London UK and in China?

Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded with a Certificate for each successfully completed module in addition to a final certificate detailing that you have completed the full course. A qualification from Bespoke Bureau’s prestigious Butler Academy is sure to propel you in your current career and put you ahead of others in your profession.

Will you find me a job after the butler training London UK?

We have a very high success rate in finding employment upon successful completion of the course and those that were already in employment have reported a marked increase in their wage

The Butler and Housekeeper course is split into several modules which consist of a lot of modules but some are listed below:

– The Importance of Keeping up Appearances

– Understanding the Employer’s Wishes

– The Importance of Hygiene

– Food Hygiene

– Dealing with Guest Requests

– Dealing with a Difficult Client

– Dealing with a difficult Situation

– Setting a Table

– Table Presentation (Mise en Place)

– Flower Arrangement

– Keeping Glasses, Cutlery and Plates Polished

– Guest Arrival Etiquette

– Cloakroom Management

– Canapé Service Etiquette

– Serving Wine

– Serving Champagne

– Calling for Dinner

– Silver Service (English Service)

– Butler Service (French Service)

– Russian Service

– The Difference Between the Different Types of Service

– Keeping the Table and Cloth Clean

– Serving Coffee

– Guest Departure Etiquette

Graduation ceremony butlers China

Graduation ceremony butlers China

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