Housekeeper training UK

Dates and costs of the housekeeper training UK

Housekeeper training UK

Housekeeper training UK-Female student

Get your housekeeper trained with our Housekeeper course. We have spaces available all year. Our Housekeeper training UK is known as the best domestic staff training course in the UK. Register your housekeeper now for  them to improve drastically. You will not be disappointed.

Housekeeper training UK location:

Our HQ in London City, your premises (if you prefer) as well as one of our fancy Mansions for Housekeeper training. Train as part of a group or have individual housekeeper training with us.

Why our Housekeeper training UK?

Clients from all over the world send their staff to Bespoke Bureau’s Butler and Housekeeper training academy in order to get them fully qualified. The course is very intensive and covers every aspect of being a Butler or Housekeeper.

Housekeeper training UK

Housekeeper training UK-Laundry and bed management

 Snap shot of what we cover on this intense Housekeeper Training UK:

  • House etiquette
  • Communication
  • Managing Staff
  • Time Management
  • Laundry Management
  • Ironing skills
  • Wardrobe management
  • Antiques & Fine art
  • PA/Concierge/Bookings
  • Fine fabrics
  • Silver service/Butler Service
  • Presentation
  • Hygiene
  • Greeting guests
  • Flower arrangements
  • Dining etiquette
  • Food presentation
  • Drinks and Canapé service

The British Butler Academy offers exclusive Housekeeper training London. The 1-3 day intense course will teach you all the tips and tools of the trade.

Housekeeper training UK-The method

During the program, students will have both classroom and hands-on classes. We do about 70% practice so everyone learns a lot. Each student will receive a copy of the housekeeping handbook. This guide can be used by you as a reference at your work.

Some of the subjects on the housekeeper course are:

  •  Understanding Personal Hygiene & Sanitation.
  •  Cleaning tools required for the house of today.
  •  Cleaning technique’s to include best practices and “How To”.
  •  Dealing with specialty surfaces such as wood cabinetry, stainless steel, ceramic, shower doors, blinds.
  •  How to correctly dust anything from delicate to everyday surfaces.
  •  Dealing with specialty items such as antiques, art, books, drapery’s, sculptures, painted and wallpapered walls, chandeliers and rugs.
  •  Time management on how to schedule your time.
  • Wardrobe management.
  • Washing techniques including hand wash.housekeeper training UK

Who trains with us?

  • housekeepers looking to excel in their jobs
  • housekeepers wanting her to brush up on their skills
  • hotel housekeepers
  • housekeepers looking for work
  • entry level housekeepers
  • anyone wanting to enter this field of work

What certificate will I gain?

All our students at the British Butler Academy will receive an attendance certificate. You also get the option to become accredited with us. Our certificates are recognized globally. We are endorsed by the British Butler Association. At our discretion we will also write references to the students that have done particularly well. Our recruitment agency can potentially place you in an internship role or employment if you are looking for work as a housekeeper.

Testimonial from a happy Client:

Housekeeper training UK

Housekeeper training UK-Students back


“Huge thanks to the Bespoke Butler Training Team. Miranda came back from the housekeeper training weekend with a whole new set of skills and is now upgraded as our Housemananger and now also trains all our properties’ staff. We are delighted  with her new attitude and she seems very happy as well.” Best Wishes from Mrs Cochrill and Staff

Welcome to us:

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General: info@bespokebureau.com

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