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Why train as a Butler with The British Butler Academy?

What separates Sara Vestin Rahmani’s British Butler Academy from other Butler training course companies in the UK and around the world where you can train as a butler?  She has invested time as well as thousands of pounds and more, to provide a reputable school where you can train as a butler for the past 10 years. She has done so in order for the general public to be able to improve their knowledge in the domestic industry. The courses are also for those who no experience but a real zest for wanting to train as a butler. The course is for individuals who are really interested in furthering their careers.

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Canapés and punch at the graduation-Train as a butler you too

Can I work directly after the time I train as a Butler?

We have clients who continuously contact us, inquiring about our graduates for roles and for intern-ships. We, here at the British Butler Academy in the UK  keep a higher standard than everyone else and that is also the reason for the success of the franchised programme.

Why Sara Vestin Rahmani wants you to train as a Butler with The British Butler Academy

All of our programs are super popular and our courses get booked up fast. Sara Vestin Rahmani and her famous British Butler Academy are always seeking to improve standards of excellence. We are the only Butler training academy in the world recommended and endorsed by the British Butler association. Not only do we ensure that we are giving our butler students a quality education, but we provide them with the security that if we fail on this promise, they have an option of re-course with us. They can have an assessed course or just a practical/hands on butler course, residential or live out when they train as a butler with us. We aim to provide our butler students with everything they need to be successful.

Do I have to train as a Butler to get a job?

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Train as a butler and get valeting as part of the package

Housekeeper, House Management, Butler and Yacht interior Training courses makes you more marketable YES. Commitment, knowledge, and experience gained through training with us will make you more marketable to a VIP employer.  Many of our clients will actually pick graduates over applicants with previous experience. Why? Because they know our methods show applicants how to prioritize according to their employers’ wants and needs, how to really pamper them and we give them the tools they need to succeed in any given situation. Think of the hundreds of applicants that may apply for any given position—and then, think of how much you will stand out as a graduate of The Bespoke British Butler Academy with your glossy certificate.

Why is this so important to train as a butler?

For Employers: Housekeeper, House Management, Butler and yacht interior Training courses increases enthusiasm. We have seen it time and again. A domestic staff employer sends an unmotivated employee who lacks professionalism to us for training, thinking, “We’ll see what happens—this is our last resort.” When the employee returns, the employer may not be able to believe it is the same person! Oftentimes just being in the environment of The Bespoke British Butler Academy —being in a stately country home that is exquisitely organized and has the very best equipment—can lift an employee’s enthusiasm instantly. Learning new techniques, the benefits of prioritizing, how to organize, and so on can definitely boost the morale of a struggling domestic staff employee.

Train as a butler with us at The British Butler Academy

Train as a butler with us at The British Butler Academy

Feedback when you train as a Butler

Housekeeper, House Management, Butler and Yacht interior Training courses provides unbiased feedback. An objective, unbiased pair of eyes can observe and then point out to an employee what needs to be improved upon. An employee may believe his or her employer is “overly picky” but having a Butler trainer and the panel we provide tell them that his or her employer is correct will help you understand the need of perfection.

Train as a butler and boost professionalism.

Many Housekeepers find themselves in their new positions out of necessity. Others have been working for so long that they believe they know what they are doing and see no reason to change any of their methods. But Housekeeping training can show Housekeepers that theirs is a profession that requires specialized knowledge- just like any other profession. It also shows Housekeepers that they can always learn more about what they do. (I learn new things every day too!) Training can help not only Housekeepers, but also other household staff to take pride in their work and to understand that they are helping people in a personal and noble way.

Train as a butler with us at The British Butler Academy

Train as a butler and become part of the elite

Summary of why we think you should join our team and train as a butler

We hope that you now can better understand why we encourage people to train as a butler with us. Our butler  training provides graduates with opportunities they would never have had on their own. We have seen the pride and gratitude expressed by employers who have hired graduates or whose staff has been sent to us for training. We have, in short, seen lives change for the better. If you feel your life could change for the better, why not give us a call? We would love to discuss the possibilities that can open up for you with the help of The Bespoke British Butler Academy on +44 (0) 02031670925 or email via main@bespokebureau.com