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Courses in silver service

Our Bespoke Bureau courses in silver service is suitable for service and hotel staff at all levels. The Courses in silver service will help you deliver the highest standards, consistently and continuously in your household or the hotel where you work.

To summarize, Bespoke Bureau’s Courses in silver service  is about:

  • Motivating and inspiring service staff with their new found skills
  • Consistency, continuous improvement and perfection
  • 5 star Silver service training
  • 5 star table management training
  • 5 star Food and Beverage training
Courses in silver service

Courses in silver service – learn perfection in table management

And much much more

Courses in silver service will teach you that:

  1. Silver service food is always served from the left, drinks and plated meals from the right.
  2. Meals are served to the diner from platters, not plated in the kitchen.
  3. The guest to the host’s right is served first. (Usually a female guest)
  4. Service continues clockwise.
  5. Plates are cleared from the right,[2] glasses from the right; again starting with the guest to the host’s right.
  6. Glasses are stacked in a diagonal to the right and away, with wine (by course) in order, and then lastly, water glass in front.

Silver service is orientated for a right-handed waiter. Thus to serve the food, the waiter stands behind the guest and to the guest’s left, holds or supports the platter with their left hand, and serves the food with their right hand. It is common for the waiter to hold the serving-fork above the serving-spoon both in the right hand, and use the fingers to manipulate the two as a pincer for picking up, holding and transferring the food. This technique requires much practice and dexterity.

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Book the onto the Courses in silver service or one of the other service training courses, you can contact the UK office on: +44203670925 or email info@bespokebureau.com