Hotel maid training

The British Butler Academy offers world leading Hotel maid training. Those interested in learning housekeeping are welcome to this training course. We also accept students from hotels that wish to send their staff for training. We can come to you or you to us. Our Hotel maid training is considered to be of a high standard. The curriculum is accredited. Our school is famous and renowned. is famous.

Why do hotel maid training with us?

Hotel maid training

Hotel maid training with us is seen as the best

  • All of our programs are recognized and accredited.
  • Our mission is to continuously improve standards of excellence.
  • We are the only hotel maid training academy in the world recommended by the British Butler association.
  • We ensure quality education and security.
  • If you fail, we offer an option to re-course free within a year.
  • We aim to teach our students with everything they need to be successful.
  • Make friends that last a life time.
  • Become the best in the industry.
  • Learn to be a team player.
  • Make your CV stand out.

Why do we encourage professional hotel maid training?

Hotel maid training

Suitcase packing is part of the curriculum

Our training works. It is popular with new and old hotel maids. We find that all students, and hotels gain tremendously from our hotel maid training. Our hotel clients hotel ratings improve when we train their employees. Your hotel’s service staff will be seen as the best.

Hotel maid training for new maids.

Hotel maid training with us provide real life practice in a safe environment. This is  important for applicants without previous experience. When a hotel maid without experience begins a job, confidence is important. There is always the risk of making a mistake. Therefore, doing your hotel maid training with us will help you do a good job from the start. Training with us means you will feel more confident. You will also get to experience using quality equipment. We use the best products. Most importantly, however, is to learn how to please an employer.

Hotel maid training instead of experience

Hotel maid training

Make friends for life on our hotel maid training

Hotel maid training courses with us experience. It is possible to start a hotel maid job or job as a maid or housekeeper in a home. You can train with us in a real life environment. If you are good, you will get a good reference from us. Our training is equivalent to approximately 1 year’s work experience. Come and train with us, have a good time and get yourself a good job.

Why hotels use our hotel maid training

Our hotel maid courses increase enthusiasm for your staff. Hotels that send their staff to us will get a big return on investment. An unmotivated employee who may lack professionalism will come back as a new person.  We teach your staff new techniques and how to organize. Training in a group with similar people will boost your confidence.

Contact us to find out more about the hotel maid training:

Email info@bespokebureau.com about the hotel maid training. You can find more information on our website or contact the team.

Sara Vestin Rahmani and her Hotel maid training

Sara Vestin Rahmani and her award winning academy for domestic staff

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