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Housekeeper training company Bespoke Bureau 

Sara Vestin Rahmani

Sara Vestin Rahmani at her Butler Housekeeper school

A housekeeper is responsible for keeping all the rooms where they work clean, tidy and welcoming. Sometimes they work alone and sometimes in team. There are head housekeepers junior housekeepers and many other types of housekeepers. To become a good housekeeper, training to be a housekeeper is essential. With our Housekeeper training company we provide the best housekeeper training in the world.

Our Housekeeper training company offers courses in:

  • Laundry
  • Hygiene and personal presentation
  • Antique care
  • Fine art care
  • Using the right products
  • The value of items
  • Protocol
  • Finesse
  • Garment care
  • Etiquette
  • VIP service and much much more
  •  We can also add or deduct modules as you wish

    Housekeeper training company

    Become the best you can be with our Housekeeper training company

Housekeeper training company – our courses are run in real life environments

A big part of the role as a housekeeper is to follow shift rotas. Housekeepers also inspect the rooms in the premises regularly to ensure they are perfect. They record any faults or damages and make arrangements for repairs to be carried out. On the training with us, this is possible as the students live and work with us at our estates. You will at some stage need to train as a housekeeper in order to get the above skills up to speed and the standard expected.

Our housekeeping training company runs courses all year at our HQ in London and our stately homes.

Advanced Housekeeper courses

  • The Housekeepers training also include how to prepare and manage budgets. A housekeeper needs to know how to buy in supplies economically and keeping records of expenditure.
  • Shift work is common for housekeepers so we discuss how to keep fit, active and healthy to be able to perform your best.
  • Housekeepers work in all kinds of settings. Anything from private homes to hotels, holiday centres, luxury health spas and private clubs. We will prepare you for work in all settings.

Housekeeper Training Company- The Skills of a top housekeeper

We look at making sure that when you leave the housekeeping course you to:

  • have a strong skill set to be the best housekeeper around.
  • have the ability to encourage and motivate other staff.
  • work in a team or alone.
  • have strong communications skills.
  • have good organisational skills.
  • pay attention to detail.
  • able to cope with a crisis
  • prioritise your work load.
  • have good numerical ability.
  • the importance of being physically fit.

Who can train with the housekeeper training company?

You do not always need to have academic qualifications to become a housekeeper. However it certainly will boost your chances of getting a good job as a housekeeper. It is usual to have a background in the hospitality industry or to get a relevant housekeeper qualification with us.

We offer training for:

  • maids.
  • current housekeepers.
  • aspiring housekeepers.
  • laundry maids.
  • cleaners.
  • anyone else wishing to up their standards of housekeeping.
  • people running hotels, B & Bs and inns come to train with us.

Job opportunities after you train with us

We are also a recruitment agency for housekeepers. Housekeepers tend to stay in their job for some time and so there are fewer vacancies than in other areas of the industry. There are more opportunities at a junior level but competition can be fierce. However, Bespoke bureau always has good housekeeper vacancies available. There are many opportunities available for those who opt to use our Housekeeper training company.

Contact the Housekeeper training company today

Give us a ring on +442031670925. You can also email us on info@bespokebureau.com to discuss your options. Our website is: www.bespokebureau.com

Sara Vestin Rahmani

Sara Vestin Rahmani and her team runs a strict quality control on all courses

Kind regards, Sara Vestin Rahmani and Team

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