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How to improve trip advisor ratings

Below, we explain how to improve trip advisor ratings:

How to improve trip advisor ratings

Improve your hotel ratings with the best training team in the world

If you are looking to get more guests to your hotel then it is key that your trip advisor ratings are high. Competition is hospitality is fierce. It is hard to get happy customers to write reviews. Unhappy guests and customers are much more likely to write. This makes it hard for hotels to find out how to improve trip advisor ratings.

How to improve your trip advisor ratings step by step:

This may seem very difficult but in fact it is not. There are some key points to consider:

  1. The key is to make your guests feel welcome.
  2. Once they feel welcome and comfortable, you need to keep them feeling happy.
  3. A happy customer or guest is usually someone who has felt looked after.
  4. A happy guest is someone who is made to feel special.
  5. Good service is of utmost importance.  Far more important than the amenities for most people.
How to improve trip advisor ratings

Attention to detail is key at a top hotel. Make your guests as happy as your surrounding.

Why service matters when you are looking to improve trip advisor rating

Obviously, you need to make sure you have all the amenities and comforts needed to keep the guests happy. They want to feel safe, relaxed, warm (or air-conditioned). But MOST importantly, they want to feel looked after. And this is where most hotels lack finesse. If you look at trip advisor, often the hotels with the best ratings are not 5 star. They are not the most luxury hotels and the comments aren’t about the pool, the food or the rooms. The ratings (good and bad) are about the service. A TOP hotel is one with top service. Therefore, this is where your focus must be

Tips on how to improve trip advisor ratings

With professional Hotel Service Training, you will come a long way.

  • Teach your staff that they must ask all happy guests to write a review about the hotel.
  • Explaining how to improve trip advisor ratings to your staff by following this guide.
  • Teach them to explain the importance of their opinion to the guests.
  • If you teach your staff to make your guests feel special, then you are teaching them to help you. They will want to help you back and are more likely to write a review.
  • Teach your hotel staff to make every single guest who walks through the door to feel like a VIP.
  • Train a department to care for the guests only.
  • Train a specialist team or person to be dedicated to guest care. It can be a Butler, a Hotel Manager, a Gust care manager. Call him or her what you want.

    How to improve trip advisor ratings

    A great hotel worker should be able to make any guest feel like a VIP

However, these individual must be trained to:

  1. Go out of their way for all guests, however difficult.
  2. Bend over backwards to see to the guests needs.
  3. Make sure that the guest always has what they want.
  4. Ask for continuous feedback from the guest.
  5. Let the guest know where you are at all times so they feel they have someone to turn to.
  6. Be professionals.
  7. Be flexible.
  8. Be hygienic.
  9. Understand guest etiquette.
  10. Perform outstanding service at all times.
How to improve trip advisor ratings

Be ready to be the best

The above is very important for anyone looking to increase their good comments on trip advisor. Ideally, you love giving service but even if you don’t, you DO want to find out how to get your hotel to rate highly on trip advisor.

How to improve trip advisor ratings with our 6 star Hotel Staff training

  • The Famous British Butler Academy (BBA) is an award winning and exclusive Training school for Hotels and Private Service staff.
  • We are the world leaders in Hotel Staff training.
  • We have a track record of improving hotel’s trip advisor ratings in no time at all.
  • We come to your and trouble shoot if you wish.
  • You can send your staff to us also.
  • We can train all the departments for you.
  • We tailor make courses that suit you. An example is: You have poor F&B ratings and want to up them on trip advisor=we will focus on that.

The aim of this hotel staff course is to make sure your staff:

  1. Become skilled, multi dimensional and service orientated professionals.
  2. Understand the unique attitude you need for a 5 star service.
  3. Are equipped mentally to face a range of challenges head on.
  4. Offer the guests an appropriate and positive response that puts their needs and wants first.
  5. Develop the ability to go above and beyond guest expectations.
  6. Understand the traditional and present role of a hotel service worker.
  7. Are equipped to really care for your guests and understands the professionalism this entails.
  8. Appreciate the hard work it takes to provide outstanding service.

    How to improve trip advisor ratings

    A happy guest makes a happy worker

How we conduct our hotel staff courses

The aim is to teach your staff how to improve trip advisor ratings.The objective of the course will be achieved through a variety of methods such as theory and role play.  During the course, you will be assessed, guided and tutored. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate which is recognised worldwide. As a proud hotel owner, you can hang the gold framed certificate in your reception. In our experience, this helps for the guests to see that you are serious about providing the best of the best in service.

Interested in finding out how to improve trip advisor ratings with us?

Contact us today on info@bespokebureau.com or on +442031670925 with your hotel’s requirements. We will work with you on how to improve trip advisor ratings for you. We will work out a good budget for you and deliver a course that will make the competition look grey compared to your hotel.

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