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Interior yacht training

Yacht interior training

Yacht interior training – suitcase packing

Interior yacht training with The British Butler Academy offers individuals advanced luxury yacht crew training. If you want to train your private Yacht crew or need to find a course for yourself then look no further.

Interior yacht training – benefits of our course

Our Yacht interior Steward / Stewardess Course will teach you first class Yacht interior service with the 5 star attitude needed in today’s Yacht market. Whether you already have experience in the hospitality and customer service industry or are looking to move into that area, this elite yacht crew training course will provide beginners through to advanced students the necessary skills adapted specifically to a shipboard environment.

The Interior yacht training course is designed to equip you with multiple skills and a professional knowledge of your role onboard as a Yacht interior Stewardess or Steward. We teach you the skills and practical activities to become a fully productive Super Yacht staff member, able to confidently accept any Steward/ess assignment anywhere in the world. You will graduate with a famous and worldwide recognised certificate:

Our 5 day Interior yacht training course places great emphasis on the essentials of good service as well as giving you the theoretical and practical skills necessary to be an active crew member onboard a super yacht.

This Yacht interior crew qualification will increase your opportunities for placement once you’ve graduated.

We run weekly courses in the city of London on-board our 5 star yacht based in a zone 1 dock. It’s beautiful, luxury and very special.

Interior yacht training certificates

Our Internationally Recognised Yacht interior training  certifications are your entrée to getting a job aboard a Super yacht and you are almost guaranteed to find work onboard a super yacht with our diploma if you do well on your yacht service training course with us.

Our Yacht interior training certificates

Our accredited trainers offer you a bespoke and well tested and tried theoretical and practical ‘hands on’ training. Our team of experienced chief stewardess’ have recently returned from overseas ready to share and communicate their ‘up to date’ knowledge of the stewardess’ role onboard. After spending many years onboard various yacht vessels, they have the ‘know how to’ guide and support you through these fun filled training days. Each step along the way the Bespoke Bureau Interior yacht training course you will have a good time and make friends for life as well as learn invaluable tips and tricks of the Yacht industry.

Yacht interior training

Yacht interior training – work on a super yacht

How to become the best Yacht interior Steward or Stewardess?

A good steward/ess is polite, well presented, well groomed and lively. You need to have excellent communication skills and be well mannered. The knowledge and skills needed to perform the job are not difficult to learn but the attitude and art of good service is something that takes training and practice. This position requires a blend of responsibility, maturity and self-discipline along with a great sense of humour and the drive to provide exceptional service. You will need meticulous attention to detail both in your duties and in your personal presentation.

Some of the skills we teach at the Yacht interior training

  • Security, confidentiality and privacy issues
  • Elite VIP and silver service on yachts
  • Professional etiquette in communication, personal hygiene, appearance and attitude
  • International protocol and correct forms of address
  • All styles of food service and entertainment planning
  • Provisioning and product inventories
  • Decanting, purchasing, service and storage of fine wines
  • Impeccable care of exotic furnishings, finishes and fabrics
  • Total laundry procedures
  • Floral Arrangement
  • Guest care and valet services
  • Yacht interior Steward/ess Course requirements

    Yacht interior training - silver service training

    Yacht interior training – silver service training

Yacht interior training- entry requirements

  1. Either before or after you start your Steward/ess training you will need to have completed a five day STCW 95 Basic Safety Course (Standards of Training Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers), that is compulsory for all crew on super yachts.
  2. The STCW 95 gives you the minimum standard of qualification required to work on vessels of any size and equips you with a detailed understanding of what to do in the event of marine emergencies.
  3. Be at least 18 years of age

We include Silver Service training as part of our Yacht interior crew training

Silver service: exceptional service. It is a very popular type of service and you will come away with skills needed for the rest of your life whether you will work on a yacht, private house, restaurant or something totally different. Some of the topics covered are table settings, styles of service, food handling, body mechanics, napkins, presentation and proper service, wine service, table settings and storage. The module alone includes a certificate of completion.

How much is a Yacht interior course?

Steward/stewardess interior yacht crew training course – 5 day : £1500 +VAT  or £300+VAT per day

We can take payments in instalments.

The price includes all the theoretical and hands on training plus the famous interior crew certificate

How to book the Yacht interior training

If you would like to proceed, please contact us on +44 (0) 2031670925 or info@bespokebureau.com for a full calendar of our courses

Our courses fill up quickly so please be quick.

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