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Residential Butler training in England

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Residential Butler Training in England

Residential Butler Training in England- Happy graduated students

Residential Butler training in England: We use estates on tranquil London suburbs and the UK countryside. Our school for butlers teaches butler and house management students how to serve the world’s filthy rich. The British Butler Academy is designed to put students through their paces and teach budding Butlers and House managers how to deal with the situations they might find during a day’s service.

Our royal setting, the home of the British Butler Academy, looks and feels as frightfully British as it is. The pupils at the Residential Butler training in England dress formally and address each other formally and have spent hours learning how to serve drinks, do silver service training and how to manage the manor.

The school, which has its HQ on ancient London Guildhall runs the Residential Butler training in England at our estates throughout the year.

Residential Butler training in England – like Downton abbey?

The Butler school’s immaculate students may look as if they’re auditioning for a role in the next series of Downton Abbey. However, the Residential Butler training in England runs teaching with both traditional and modern techniques. The British Butler professional is a thoroughly modern career now that globalisation has led to a deepening gulf between the haves and the have-yachts.

Residential Butler training in England

Residential Butler training in England-Sara Vestin Rahmani owns the academies

Never in history have there been so many very rich people on the planet, and when you’re very rich, there’s nothing nicer than having someone manage your property portfolio and the smooth running of other assets.

Attended to at all hours by a rotating roster of personal butlers, the guests of our estates are royalty as they stay on the estate whilst the courses run – which helps keep the students on their well shod toes but it works well.

Residential Butler training in England -what do do teach and for how much?

We teach the students to notice the tiniest details about any given scenario. A smudge on a vase, the distance between a tablecloth and the floor. The British Butler academy take on only 12 students at the time and each one paid in the region of £3000 plus VAT for a 2 week course to be schooled in the rigours of a profession that requires them to be discreet, all-seeing and unflappable. We mix men and women of all ages.

Who can apply to the Residential Butler training in England?

There is no typical candidate in terms of background or professional training. However, the students all share a service-oriented personality and the ability to put the needs of someone else before themselves. That’s increasingly rare in today’s society, where people are increasingly focused on their own gratification.

Earnings and job potential after the Residential Butler training in England

  • The Butler students hail from countries as diverse as Sweden, Thailand, France, Australia and China and the really good ones stand to make anything up to £150,000 per year working for the super-rich.
  • Once in place, they will facilitate – and share in – the lavish lifestyles of Russian oligarchs, globe-trotting investment bankers, even rap megastars.
  • They’re as likely to be preparing financial budgets on a spreadsheet as ironing newspapers, and the training takes in all possible facets of estate management, both old-school and new-fangled.

Recruitment is part of what we do

  • We are also a recruitment agency, The Bespoke Bureau (our recruitment branch) are constantly assessing the pupils with a view to recommending the best to prospective employers.
  • Some trainee Butlers are ex bankers whose redundancies led them to re-evaluate their career. The salaries are higher than any other role in the hospitality business.
  • The Butler academy develops a real sense of camaraderie among the trainees, who take it in turns to be head butler and assistant head butler, but without the power struggles that the likes of Downton Abbey might lead us to expect. We aim for ‘excellence’ at all times– and just want things to run really well, down to the smallest detail.

    Residential Butler Training in England

    Residential Butler Training in England-Prepping post dinner coffee and chocolates

Residential Butler training in England -placements in China

Most of the butlers, young and mature, seem to relish the thought that their new job might take them somewhere new and unexpected but we place a lot of staff in China and that market is growing

“The new rich in China like the idea of having a European-trained butler, because they are learning the customs that come with a certain level of society – which knife to use, that kind of thing. In a funny way, as a butler, it can be like you’re educating your employer.”

Residential Butler training in England – Butler functions free of charge

The academy also host corporate functions during the Residential Butler training in England, so back in the dining room, before a party, the students line up (in descending height order) to be briefed by on the event’s exacting requirements.

There follows a full-scale dress-rehearsal, where a flotilla of butlers files in to the room, silver dinnerware gleaming, before revealing imaginary delicacies in perfect timing.

Residential Butler Training in England

Smiley student on a recent training course

You can (if you are lucky) get a team of butlers to serve up at a party you are hosting if you book with us early enough. Their skills will be put to the best.

Book the Residential Butler Training in England with us today:

If you wish to train to be a butler with us then you are welcome to apply. We have courses all year around and if you are lucky there is a free space.

We also run yacht interior courses, silver service courses and much much more at the academy

Join the fun and make friends for life with your famous Butler Academy in the heart of London. We very much believe that you will enjoy yourself and have an unforgettable 2 weeks with us at the home of British Butlering.

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