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Silver service training courses

Silver service training courses

Our Silver service training courses are considered the best

Our silver service training courses are known as the best. Our team of top trainers will teach you all you need to know. We teach silver service, table management and other service.  The courses run all year in central London. We also offer silver service training courses overseas. You can book a group or individual course. We can also come to you. Dates and costs of the silver service training courses here.

Call +442031670925 or email info@bespokebureau.com for more info, dates and costs.

Who books the silver service training courses?

  • Butlers.
  • Hotels.
  • Restaurants.
  • Yacht crew.
  • Cabin Crew.
  • Waiters.
  • House Managers.
  • Housekeepers.
  • Anyone else looking to learn this skill.

    Silver service training courses

    Learn how to get it right the first time around

How our training works:

The silver service training courses are designed for both new and old staff. Anyone looking for new skills or to update old ones are welcome. The course is good for Cabin Crew or Yacht crew. It is also for anyone else in the service industry. The training has fun learning sessions. We focus on 30% theory and 70% practise. The classes at the silver service training courses are small. This way you will learn as much as possible.

Become the best.

The VIP silver service training courses run over 1-3 days. They can also be made in a way that suits you. We deliver them on-board yachts, jets and in your home.

Corporate silver service training courses for VIP Cabin Crew and Yacht crew

Silver service training courses

The training is interactive and fun

Our training is perfect for private jet crew and yacht crew. The courses are delivered by very experienced private service experts. The Elite trainers combine their knowledge and skills. This is to ensure that our training makes your crew the best. We want  to teach you how to be the best in a silver service environment. This course is also great for cabin crew working on corporate or private jets. Those who deliver a First Class service product on-board commercial airliners will also gain knowledge from our course.

What we teach

  • Silver service.
  • VIP service.
  • Table Settings.
  • Napkin Folding.
  • Cutlery & Glasses Etiquette.
  • International Menus.
  • Preparing the Cabin.
  • Dressing Lavatories.
  • Food Service Delivery.
  • Different Types of Service.
  • Basic Food Hygiene.
  • Wines & Cold Beverages.
  • Hot Beverages.
  • VIP Customers.
  • Elite etiquette and protocol.

Silver service definition

To book the course, please contact us on +442031670925 or email info@bespokebureau.com today. We look forward to speaking to you.

Thank you!

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