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Training for service on Luxury Yachts

To become the best at service, whether you are looking to work overseas on-board a Yacht or in a private Household, you need to have a solid training certificate. You can get by with experience alone also but it is never as good as having a real service training certificate.

Training for service on luxury yachts

Training for service on luxury yachts – Become part of the elite

We have a refurbished 5 star elite luxury yacht in central London. Come train in a real life environment now-call +442031670925

At the institute of Training for service on Luxury Yachts, we believe that skills and motivation are crucial for you to succeed in a well paid domestic or yacht job. For you to start in this career and also develop your service excellence you need a certain standard as well as a certificate/diploma.

We teach everything from:

  1. Silver service
  2. Yacht professionalism
  3. Etiquette
  4. Professionalism
  5. Stewardess ad steward VIP service
  6. Wine ad champagne service and much much more

Training for service on Luxury Yachts with The British Butler Academy

Training for service on luxury yachts

Training for service on luxury yachts – Sara Vestin Rahmani in her office

The school is headed by Sara Vestin Rahmani and her super fleet of famous Butler and Super Yacht trainers. The school is renowned for their expertise, tailor made and standard training packages for yachts, 5 star hotels and HNW households. Their silver service, yacht  and Butler training courses are affordable and offer new doors and ways into a lucrative job market with the mega wealthy.

Training for service on Luxury Yachts – why?

  • Our service programme will ensure you become highly-effective in whatever role you choose to work in
  • We can help you excel or work in anything from front-of-house service, to yacht service to anything else you wish to work as in private service
  • Become part of an elite group of people that are certificated with us
  • Make friends for life
  • Have fun with us on one of the finest yachts in the UK
  • We also run tailor made yacht crew courses in-house, externally or with you at your yacht, hotel or house. 

Contact info@bespokebureau.com or on +442031670925 to book today and to discuss your specific training needs. And don’t forget our clients and candidates can enjoy generous discounts on our training courses and too.