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Private Household training

To book a course please call +442031670925 or email info@bespokebureau.com

private household training

Private household training with us

In addition to our domestic staff placement service, we also train house managers.  The Bespoke Bureau has become synonymous with the concept of  Top Household Standards. We offer placements, training and management. We hare a one stop shop for all aspects of a VIP client’s lifestyle.

Private Household training – how it works

  • You can come to us and train in our mansion.
  • Short or long course.
  • Residential or non residential.
  • Standard curriculum.
  • Tailor made curriculum based on your needs.
  • We can also come to your premises and teach you or your staff

Private Household training – consultancy

For Private Households and Estates we come out and help you figure out your needs. We will conduct detailed assessments of the current state of the staff and their rotas. We will develop a complete staff plan for all aspects of the household or estate. We will create  job descriptions and training programmes. These are of course of the highest standards. We will conduct the best Private Household training you have ever seen.

We do staff consultancy for:

  • households.
  • 5 star hotels.
  • super yachts.
  • cabin crew.
  • estates.
  • private member clubs.

Household placement agency

As a natural progression to our service, we will assist with recruitment. We will place and train:

  • housekeepers.
  • house managers.
  • estate managers.
  • butlers.
  • maids.
  • nannies
  • private chefs.
  • chauffeurs
  • gardeners.
  • domestic couples
  • much much more

Our service is total. Our methods are designed to ensure that our relationships with clients and guests are long lasting.

Private household training

Students in action

As the name of our company suggests, our service is bespoke and our  recommendations vary from client to client, changing to suit each one’s needs.

Private Household training – testimonials

“The housekeeper course was a thorough introduction to the basic and essential skills of a housekeeper and butler. The domestic staff training course delivery was relaxed and friendly and no prior knowledge was needed. This made the learning process easier and less scary. There was plenty of time to ask questions. I always got a useful response even to trivial questions. The most valuable parts of the course were the opportunity to learn from domestic staff experts. They had worked to the highest standard and in V VIP households. We got to learn the secrets of the trade that would not be found in a book.  We would recommend this course to anyone wanting to go into domestic service for the first time. It is also suitable for experienced staff. “

Adam and Greta G. March 2014


There is no other domestic staff/butler and housekeeper training program quite like The Bespoke Bureau’s.  I was so happy to find one company that could organize all the training I needed:

  • Service.
  • Management.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Etiquette.
  • Wine Knowledge.

Having opted for bespoke training I found the one-on-one attention invaluable for me as I had the tutors’ full attention at all times. I could focus on the subjects I needed to work on. I was very satisfied with the way the training was carried out. I left The Bespoke Bureau Butler Training with a boost to my confidence and great motivation.

Thank you
A. Miller
After my training I have the knowledge, tools and confidence to run the interior of a large yacht or a VIP household.  I also have a new understanding of how to carry myself at interviews and in social situations. This I believe is something I will benefit from for the rest of my life. The tutors were so welcoming and helpful. It was a great privilege for me to get to spend time with them and take advantage of their vast experience and knowledge.I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone at The Bespoke Bureau Butler Training and I would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone looking to improve their skills as a housekeeper or Butler.VIP Private Household Client trainee, 2014


We have long been of the view that the success of any yacht– charter or private – ultimately depends on the quality of the crew. We have identified a need for advanced training of our service staff that is of an unusually high standard. We needed a variety of training resources ranging from:

  • finishing schools.
  • consultancy.
  • silver service training.
  • yacht training.
  • interior training.
  • wine and champagne service.
  • Russian service.
  • VIP housekeeping.

Bespoke Bureau carried out a range of domestic staff training courses for us. They were ranging from advanced laundry and interior cleaning / fabric care, to etiquette and service tuition for all yacht staff. We found the services offered by Bespoke Bureau to be a complete success with our clients. In some cases immediately appreciated by our private owners. We now offer Bespoke’s training to all our clients as a matter of course. We wholeheartedly endorse The bespoke Bureau.

Yacht Management Company, Antibes, France


The Bespoke Bureau provides exceptional training in domestic arts.

To book a Private Household training course, please call +442031670925 or email info@bespokebureau.com

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