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Training super yachts

Training for super yachts

Training for super yachts in central London

We have a popular course in central London. The course is on a 5 star Yacht in a private marina: +442031670925

Do I need previous experience for you training super yachts courses?

No! A but a small amount of hospitality experience is be useful. Many students we train have no previous background and still find jobs. We will teach you everything you need to know. Sometimes it works out better if you don’t have any previous experience. This way you don’t have to unlearn previously learnt bad habits.

How many students are on the Training super yachts?

We have a maximum of 6-8 students on our Training super yachts which gives you all the individual attention you need. Smaller classes are more conductive to learning. Our Training for super yachts are full on with lots to learn.  You get to know the other students well as you live on our yacht whilst you train.

Do I really need to do a steward/ess training to work?

It depends on what your previous work history includes. Generally, we suggest that everyone should do it. It will help you gain confidence, in the yachting industry.

Training for super yachtsDo you do super yacht recruitment?

We are both a recruitment agency and a training super yachts course provider so yes.

Training super yachts, other questions:

  • Do I have to be thin? No, just fit and active for your own sake.
  • Another question we get asked about is age. Think you’re too old, think again. Probably not . But you have to, again be fit and active. And healthy of course.

FAQ About the Super Yacht Industry 

What is a super yacht?

A super yacht is a luxury travelling boat. It sails to glamorous and exotic locations. These are floating homes for the rich and famous. They include Jacuzzis, gyms, cinemas, jet-skis and other water toys. They may have major artworks and state of the art entertainment systems.

What crew positions are available on board super yachts?

Training for super yachts

Be the best you can be

There are many full time and seasonal positions on board these yachts all year. We place the students on our Training super yachts courses.

What does a steward/ess do?

A steward/ess is responsible for the care of the yacht’s interior. He or she is also there to care for the guests on board. Duties will range from:

  • serving all meal
  • preparing buffets
  • preparing parties
  • laundry and housekeeping
  • wine service
  • making cocktails
  • cleaning and maintaining the interior to a 7 star standard.
  • They will organise excursions for the guests
  • Sometimes you may be required to look after children

What experience do I need to have?

Previous hospitality skills or customer service skills are a must for all interior crew, either through previous work experience or a super yacht steward/ess training course. Skills in silver service, flower arranging, bar tending and cocktail making, ironing and laundry skills are all required if you wish to become an interior crew member. You can learn these skills on our Training super yachts.

Do I need any formal qualifications to work on board a super yacht?

Yes! You need to have a certification called STCW-95 Basic Safety Training (STCW stands for Safety Training, Certification in Watch keeping). This course is now mandatory for all super yacht crew members and you will find it difficult to find work without it. You will also need an ENG1. This is a crew members medical needed for work on board the larger super yachts, and is slowly becoming mandatory for all crew members.

Training for super yachts

Flower arranging is key

Is the job the same as on a cruise ship?

No! Usually cruise liners have hundreds of crew members.A super yacht there will generally be a ratio of one crew member to one guest. You have direct interaction with the guests. Typically maximum 12-14 on board at any one time. This makes it a much more personalised service. The standards of a super yacht are higher as every detail is scrutinised by the owners and guests. These people are used to the best of everything so standards are required to remain high at all times.

How much can I earn?

A junior steward/ess can earn from £1900 per month rising to £5000+ per month for a chief steward/ess position. If you work on board a charter yacht, you can earn more and with extra tips. Also, you will not have to pay any living expenses like food or accommodation.

How hard is it to find work on a super yacht?

Easy with our Training super yachts school in London. The super yacht industry is growing. There are not enough trained interior crew members to meet the demand. As long as you show off what you have learned during the Training super yachts with us you should find a good job.

I am only looking for a 6 months position during a gap year, is yachting for me?

Training for super yachts

Get a job on one of these

Yes! There are many seasonal positions in yachting, April to September being the most popular time for seasonal steward/ess positions.

I have just lost my job and am looking for a change in lifestyle, is this for me?

Yes! A permanent yacht crew member is a very rewarding position and there are many opportunities to move up the career ladder. You work with a group of like-minded individuals. You wake up every day in a new place. It is both challenging and rewarding. As a permanent crew member you will be entitled to great benefits.

What kind of person is yachting most suited to?

Those who are physically fit and healthy. You will often be required to work long house and be on your feet for most of the time. You need to have a friendly personality and be tolerant of others. Being a team player is important.

What do I do when I have completed the course?

Once you have completed the training super yachts course with us, you will be well equipped to join the super yacht industry. During the training super yachts course you will meet  many other prospective crew members. Usually the trainees of each course make plans to go loo for work together. Or we will place you in jobs before you leave.

This sounds too good to be true. 

Working on board a super yacht is an amazing experience. It is a great opportunity to travel the world whilst earning a fantastic salary. Although it can be glamorous, a lot of the time it is not. You will be working for very long hours, often with no breaks. A lot  of the time you work for weeks with no days off. So yes, you earn a great salary but work hard.

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